Anxiety snatches away the peace of mind, it completely dishevels the state of being. The most disturbing of all the characteristics of anxiety is that it quadruples its pace the very moment you get into the bed and make yourself ready to fall asleep. Believe us, anxiety at night is capable enough to ruin your sound sleep.

Now you might wonder what exactly are the tell-tell signs of anxiousness. The whole day’s work is done, all tucked in, yet the moment you lie down, a tiny red bulb of worries lights up, and gradually the size of the bulb increases.

What are the things to do tomorrow? How do I face a particular situation? How do I solve this and that? Will my boss appreciate my work? Are my kids doing well in school? Is my baby sick? Is my husband not satisfied with me? What about my career…. etcetera etcetera!  Starting with one small worry you end up linking other unnecessary worries and in just a blink of an eye, you realize that it’s the wee hour. Then you start getting headaches.

If your anxiety to sleep is making you worry then this is to inform you that you are not the only person suffering from anxiety at night. You can say these signs of anxiousness are pervasive or ubiquitous in almost every human being, and they are curable with certain changes in your habit. To get to know how, binge until the last.

Causes of Anxiety

Anxiety is the accumulated stress of different phases and areas of your life. It can be personal or professional. The following are some common causes of anxiety.

  • Stress from school or work
  • Financial stress
  • Emotional stress
  • Betrayal
  • Medical issues
  • The stress of facing any problematic situation

Now hold on, don’t panic by just knowing the reasons for anxiety. Here are some tips and tricks to calm your mind and enjoy a peaceful sleep. 

How To Tackle Anxiety At Night

Below are the various tips given to calm your anxiety:

Keep A Journal

Journal is a lifesaver.

It is very important to maintain a journal. It keeps your life organized and makes it easier to handle things going on with you.

Get A Sound Sleep
Get A Sound Sleep

Note down all the points and important stuff to do for the next day. When you set your “to-do list” right, your mind offloads some of the pressure.

With this add on to your habit, you won’t have to sleep with a head full of worries and fight with anxiety to sleep. You can peacefully go to sleep and let your mind relax.

Bedtime Yoga

Bedtime yoga is back in trend. Previously people used to do regular bedtime yogas. Doing so generates proper blood flow throughout the body and mind. It is said that yoga can dominate all the stress hormones and activate the happy hormones. 

Make a habit to practice bedtime yoga every single night before slipping to slumber. You can give a try to the following yoga postures and observe if you have a peaceful sleep or not.

  • Waterfall Pose
  • Happy Baby
  • Sleeping butterfly
  • Head Roll
  • Ankle Roll
  • Spinal Twist
  • Side Stretch
  • Cobra Pose
  • Child’s Pose

These bedtime yoga poses are assured remedies to release stress and anxiety from your life. It will give you an effective result in a positive way. 

Take A Bath

Before going to bed, take a bath. If possible take a hot water bath. Warm water relaxes the body and takes away your whole day’s worth of stress and anxiety. It is not a permanent solution to your problems but it will release you from your tensions. 

Multi-Posture Pillow

Get yourself some pillows. Pillows are an incredible friend in bed. Surround yourself with pillows, and hug them tight. Hugging and cuddling also help in releasing stress. 

It is an affirmation to your mind that there is someone beside you. Hugging the pillow is a simple trick to calm your mind and get some sleep. 

Multi-Posture Pillow
Multi-Posture Pillow



Books are an extraordinary tool to release anxiety. It is the universal truth that books are the best friend you can ever have in your entire life. Some people love to read books whereas some don’t. If you fall in the latter then you must go for simple storybooks. Doing so will gradually develop your interest in books. Self-help books, positive affirmation books, and spiritual books are the best of all to calm your mind and body. 

Make Love

Pillows act as a substitute for your partner. If you are married, leave the pillow and hug your partner. Love is the best treatment for all the mental and emotional problems of this universe.

Make love and cuddle your partner. Intimate intercourse with love and affection will give you an immense level of relaxation as it leads to the release of endorphins.

Sleep Meditation Audios

There are numerous audios related to sleep meditation on the internet. Instead of scrolling your Instagram page, get an earphone and listen to one such sleep audio or podcasts. If you love rain then you can even listen to raindrops. You will literally feel those thunders. 

Hatch Rest Plus

Hatch Rest Plus, the sound machine that sings a lullaby for the baby is beneficial. It is used with kids but it is not mandated only for kids. Adults too can experience a Hatch Rest Plus.

If you love to talk to someone while you sleep or listen to something, get a Hatch Rest Plus for yourself immediately. This is another great tool to release anxiety. You will surely have a sound sleep. 

Breathe and Meditate

If it is taking too long for you to fall asleep, then without any ado, step out of your bed. No matter how cozy it is, if you are struggling with those signs of anxiousness, then waiting another 15 minutes to fall asleep will never help. Simply step out and sit in a relaxed position. 

Now take in some deep breaths and exhale at a much slower pace. Breathe in and out for approx. 5 to 8 minutes. Meditate and affirm yourself that no matter what the situation is, at the end of the day, all the things will turn out to be right.

Tap your heart and repeat the dialogue “Aal Izz Well”. Yea, it sounds a bit strange, but seriously it works like magic. Give it a try. 

Breathe and Meditate
Breathe and Meditate

Massage Therapy 

Massages are so relaxing that your anxiety will vanish instantly. Make an appointment with a masseuse or massage therapist to experience the joy of a massage. It calms and relaxes the body and mind. Massage Therapy and spa reduce chronic pain, lowers the stress hormone, and activates the part of our brain which is connected to the various feelings and emotions. Spas and massage therapy are very much in demand nowadays. People generally prefer to have a nice relaxing massage instead of medication as an antidote to stress and anxiety.

We hope you now have a better grab on your anxiety at night which leads to unperturbed sleep. Spilling another bean to overcome this night venom: when you get into the bed DON’T THINK EVEN A THING!

Have a sound sleep!

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