Failure is inevitable. We are bound to make mistakes. We have emotions and we are trapped by these emotions. The negative thoughts can easily bloom from the roots of hatred, jealousy, loss, and the feeling of powerlessness. It is such feelings that might trigger a person to take their own lives. Suicidal feelings can be a sign or a consequence of depression. In this case 

How To Get Rid Of Suicidal Thoughts?

For a person to decide to take their own life cannot be easy. We can only imagine the pressure they are feeling and the negativity they are dealing with. Suicide is considered a sin in many cultures. Suicidal thoughts are not easy to deal with. People are now spreading mental awareness ideas. To save people who are in depression and are ready to give up on their lives.

Why Are You Depressed?

We hear news about people committing suicide because they failed in an exam. Or because somebody broke up with them. The reasons for a person to commit suicide can be many. Suicidal thoughts can arise from a deeply rooted condition called suicidal tendency. But mainly it is fear that triggers heinous acts like taking one’s own life. The fear of losing, the fear of being left behind, the fear of loneliness, fear of failure.

Whatever may be the reason, suicide is not a solution. We understand the pain that somebody is going through, but ending a life cannot be the answer. Here we have a few tips and advice for people who are depressed. People who have ever thought of suicide as an escape.

We humbly request you; DON’T. Here we have a list of how to get rid of suicidal thoughts.

How To Get Rid of Suicidal Thoughts

Below are the various tips to get rid of suicidal thoughts:

1. Think About Your Loved Ones

Imagine the face of your parents, siblings, and partners. Do you want to leave them behind in pain; without any answer? Do you think a piece of paper with your quit note will justify the action of suicide? It will not. The only way to get rid of suicide ideas is to not think about it. 

No matter how big your problem is; there will always be a solution. Talk to these people you love. Talk to the people who love you. They will understand. 

2. Talk To A Therapist

Nowadays everyone talks to a therapist about suicidal feelings. It can help you as well. You don’t have to take your life. Consult a therapist or a counsellor. Talk your heart out. They are paid to listen to you. If you feel that your loved ones are not listening to you; consult a therapist. They are well trained and qualified. They will come up with great solutions for you.

3. Seek Answers And Pray

Suicidal thoughts and ideas are unhealthy to bear. Sometimes the answer lies within prayers. If you are spiritual and believe in God. Maybe you can seek shelter in prayers. The power of prayer cannot be ignored. You can just chant ‘OM’ or meditate quietly.

4. Be Grateful

Whenever the thought of suicide comes to your mind; start thinking about all the good things. The things that you should be grateful for. If you are going through a break-up. Stop focusing on that. 

You are grateful that you have a roof over your head. Parents to protect you. Friends to cheer your mood. A healthy body. Be grateful for these things 

5. Reason To Live

If you can come up with one reason to die; there are plenty of reasons to live. Every day is a new beginning. You can start again. Change your plans. Do new things. Discover yourself again. Stop thinking about suicide ideas and start living.

6. Surround Yourself With Good People

To get rid of suicidal feelings; surround yourself with good people. You need to stay away from toxic people. They are the ones who have complaints regarding your personality or work habits. They do not appreciate you. You need to be around people who love you. The people who appreciate your presence in their lives.

7. Death Is Not An Escape

If you think that death will end your pain. You will be at peace. It is wrong. Self-harming will leave scars behind for your loved ones to deal with. This sounds poetic, but it cannot be mistaken with reality. Death is the end. There is nothing beyond it. Your very existence will cease. You will be called a quitter. You cannot escape from your problems by taking your own life.

8. People Who Are In Worse Situation Than You

Whenever you are depressed and suicidal; start thinking about people who are in a worse situation than you. There are poor people, handicapped people and many more. This world is full of people who are suffering. Don’t think about the people who are better than you. Think about the ones who are suffering more than you.

9. Be Strong

You have to be strong. You have to acknowledge the struggles of life and live with it. You have to be a fighter. You are meant to be. Don’t call yourself weak. Self-harming is not the answer. We understand that life has not been fair. But your struggles define you. And one day you are going to look back proudly. Don’t let a moment of weakness end your life.

10. Helplines

There are many helpline numbers available now. These people talk to you. They will persuade you to not commit suicide. They will save you. They will make sure that you undergo treatment if you have suicidal tendencies. They are meant to protect you.

11. Do Not Keep Any Dangerous Thing Near You

If you have suicidal tendencies, then you need to throw away all the dangerous things in your house. Items like poison or guns and other potentially fatal things should be kept away. In the moment of anger; breathe. It is temporary. Do not keep knives or ropes near you. 

12. Think Of The Consequences

What will happen if you die? Your family will have to bear the loss forever. Do you think the world will be a better place without you? NO. Self-harming will not do you any good. If you don’t die and are lucky enough to survive after an attempt at suicide. Will you be able to explain it to your loved ones? Do you think they will be proud of you? Always think of the consequences.

We understand that life can be tough. You might not have enough money. You might not be considered conventionally successful. You might not be able to live up to somebody’s expectations. You might have been subjected to violence and abuse. We understand your pain. You need somebody to talk to. You need to get rid of suicidal thoughts.

How to get rid of suicidal thoughts? By believing in yourself. Suicide is not an option. You cannot give up. You have to fight back. You have to protect your soul. You are a wonderful person. And this is what matters. And remember that a rainbow occurs after the thunderstorm. You have to wait for your rainbow to show up. Also, reach out to the people who are going through the same thing.