Are you a coffee lover? You probably know which flavor or the kind you want to drink today, some of us don’t even know how to function without getting our morning coffee and then it is followed by another cup in the afternoon and then another one in the evening to help give us some energy. 

This sums up that you are a coffee lover and cannot think about stopping. No, we are not here to convince you to stop drinking coffee but just to address an issue that most coffee drinkers have which is the not so good coffee breath.

Even if you are not a regular coffee drinker but still want to know how to get rid of coffee breath then we got you. 

So, if you think it is something that worries you and makes you uncomfortable when you are talking to someone, then keep reading till the end as we have so many solutions to this problem of yours. 

Does this Mean you Have to Quit Coffee?

If you think that we will suggest you stop drinking coffee then it is not the case. Coffee has a lot of benefits like:

  • It is rich in antioxidants
  • Reduces your risk to get so many diseases
  • Helps to burn fat
  • Lowers the risk of you getting Parkinson’s disease
  • Contains a lot of essential nutrients

So, you cannot miss all these just to hide the coffee breath. There are ways you can hide that breath but where else will you find benefits like these just by drinking a beverage.

Why do you Get Coffee Breath?

Getting Coffee breath after you drink coffee happens because when coffee is roasted it forms an aroma that has tiny amounts of sulfur in it.

Coffee Breath
Coffee Breath

Also, when you drink coffee your mouth feels dry that is because of caffeine which is known for dehydrating when mixed with Tannins which is a molecule which is found in coffee and tea that causes the coffee to breathe. Often when you drink coffee you want to either drink more or drink water, this happens because of all these reasons. 

How to get Rid of Coffee Breath?

If you think, having coffee breath all day and it is something you do not want then we have the solution that you need-

1. Brush your Teeth

This could be one of the simplest ways out of this problem. If you only drink coffee in the morning then you can drink it before you brush your teeth and then go on with your day without worrying about drinking coffee. Some people may have a problem with this and we have other alternatives too. 

2. Chewing Gum

Chewing Gum
Chewing Gum

If you drink coffee often and can’t brush your teeth all the time then you can use chewing gum with you. This helps to freshen up your mouth and take all the breath away. This would be helpful as it tones your face muscles too so you will be hitting two birds with a stone. 

3. Parsley

If chewing gum is something you do not want to constantly use because of its high sugar content or anything like that then you can switch this with parsley. Parsley has the qualities that will help to attract all the bad breath causing agents in and leaves you with a fresher smell. You can spit it out after some time, simply keep some of it in a box and every time you drink coffee just use it later to remove the coffee breath. 

4. Use a Mouthwash

Another way to remove the coffee smell from your mouth or any bad breath, in general, is by keeping some mouth wash with you and using it every time you feel like you have bad-smelling breath. This can be one of the quickest ways to remove it. Just buy a mouthwash that works for you and keep it in your bag for bad breath emergencies. 

5. Breath Mints

This is probably everybody trusted hack to get rid of bad breath in general. If you are a regular coffee drinker and getting the post-coffee smell in your mouth then you should use these. There are so many kinds that you can choose from but they are usually high in sugar so if that concerns you then you can try sugar-free mints too. 

6. Drink Water

Sometimes coffee is not the only reason you get the unpleasant smell in your mouth, it is not the only thing that is drying your mouth. Your body’s general deficiency of water also results in bad breath. So, to get a permanent solution to this problem starts drinking plenty of water. If you want to get rid of the coffee smell immediately then drink a whole glass of water after you have coffee. 

7. Use the Right Toothpaste

Right Toothpaste
Right Toothpaste

You can even use different flavored toothpaste to solve this issue. There are certain kinds of toothpaste that have clove oil and salt which are good to clear out the bacteria from your mouth which causes bad breath. Some research has also shown that people who have zinc in their toothpaste have fresher breath all through the day.

8. Drink Black Coffee Instead

This can be a solution as generally coffee is not the source for bad-smelling breath. The milk and sugar that you add to it cause them. Also, bacteria that may be in your food, feed on sugar. So, if you are only concern about coffee then you can start drinking plain black coffee which has a lot of health benefits too. 

9. Drink Something Else

If you think this concern is too much for you and don’t want to worried about the post-coffee smell then you can just go ahead and change it with any other drink if you are comfortable with that. You can switch to tea or green tea which can be great alternatives and are good for your health too. 

The conclusion to your problem of coffee smell is that by following good oral hygiene and using these little tips after you drink coffee you won’t have to worry about your breath smelling bad. 

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