Every woman wants to be a mother and maybe that is why you are here on this page. Are you two going through a tough time to get to that stage? Don’t get disheartened, we will be sharing 19 ways that will help you boost your fertility.

Ways To Boost Your Fertility

Here are the 19 tips you can use to boost your fertility. 

1. Track Your Basal Body Temperature

Keep a chart of your basal body temperature (BBT) to evaluate if you are ovulating. BBT is the lowest body temperature of a person that is measured when the person is completely at rest. From the preceding day of your ovulation day, your BBT will elevate to 0.4-1.0 degrees and will continue to remain high until your next period. Go through the directions to check basal body temperature.

2. Use An Ovulation Calendar

A fertility calculator or a calendar is a note down of your periods via which you can calculate your interval and the day on which you are best fertile. With time, you will notice your period pattern. All these will help you know the best time to try to get pregnant. 

3. Assess Your Cervical Mucus

Tracking your cervical secretion will help you to know when you are going to ovulate. You will secrete bulk mucus when you ovulate and the least just after your period. Ovulation takes place when the mucus is thickened. There are more chances of getting pregnant when you have more mucus. 

4. Try An Ovulation Kit

You can go for an over-the-counter ovulation test to analyze when you are going to ovulate and accordingly prepare to have sex. Although these tests are not 100 percent sure due to the lack of ability to move inside or check what’s going inside your body.

5. Maintain A Healthy Weight

Try not to be overweight or underweight. maintaining a healthy weight would keep your reproductive cycle in balance. Check your body mass index. A ranking of 19-24 indicates a healthy weight.

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6. Watch What You Eat

Consuming adulterated or unhealthy food in little or large proportion is considered to result in an irregular period cycle. Try to consume healthy food at a proper amount and time.

7. Stay Hydrated

Your cervical fluid which helps the sperm find the ultimate egg gets sluggish when you don’t drink sufficient water. Get habituated to consuming plenty of water so that your urine is light yellow.

8. Say Bye To Caffeine

I know this is tough but you have to. High caffeine intake interferes with conception. To not feel its absence you can consume one to two 8 ounce cups per day.

9. Meet With Your Ob-Gyn

Approaching your health care provider is recommended. He/she will be in a better position to scrutinize your health and inform you of the changes that you should adopt in your lifestyle, if necessary.

10. Book An Appointment With The Dentist

Any disease in your gum is related to underweight or premature babies. When you get pregnant, your mouth’s health and the tooth will change.

11. Manage Stress

Do some relaxation techniques like meditation, acupuncture, or yoga. Preparing to get pregnant is very stressful. Work your level best to stay calm and tension-free.

12. Exercise Within Reason

Do not try to involve extreme exercises when you are trying to get pregnant. Getting into these sorts of exercises may cause a change in your cycle, leading to infertility. You can get along with moderate exercises.

13. Inspect Your Medicine Cabinet

Some medications may not be safe during pregnancy or when trying to get pregnant. Make sure you review them with your provider.

14. Prefer Not Using Lubricant

Some lubricates can break your sperm before they reach the egg. If you want a lubricant to have a better time, you can go for a lubricant that’s sperm-friendly or uses canola oil.

15. Stop Drinking

Even if not scientifically proven, stay on the safe side and stop consuming alcohol.

16. Quit Smoking

Smoking makes you prone to ectopic pregnancies, degrades the number and quality of sperm, and is linked to an increased risk of miscarriage. Both you and your partner should stay away from this habit.

Quit Smoking
Quit Smoking

17. Load Up On Vitamins

Go to your doctor for this. She will most probably suggest you, take folic acid or a prenatal vitamin with folic acid.

18. Have Lots Of Sex

Do this. You will have more chances of getting pregnant.

19. Beware Of What You Do After Sex

You should avoid certain activities after having sex. Some of them are saunas, long runs, hot tubs, or other activities that raise your body temperature.

Follow the above things and you will soon produce a piece of good news.

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