Everyone admires a pop of color and a trendy look, and what better way to portray that sense of style than to get dashing acrylics! 

Treating yourself with brand new nails has to be one of the most underrated yet relaxing feelings ever. And acrylics are indeed compelling to look at and give off queen energy. 

However, it is often the case that you are left with damaged nails after acrylics. Plus maintaining acrylic nails is yet another tedious task. And no matter how much you love getting your nails done, you would want your natural nails to be healthy as well. After all, you cannot have acrylics on for the rest of your life! 

But don’t let the fear of damaged nails stop you from getting fresh nails and a cheeky manicure because we have here just all the information and tips that you need on how to repair your nails after acrylics. 

What Exactly are Acrylic Nails?

In a rather technical perspective, acrylic nails are the infusion of a powder polymer and a liquid monomer which together form a paste, which is then embedded into the original nail. 

Acrylic nails can thus be shaped and lengthened as per one’s desire. And this is one of the main factors as to why these are considered to be a symbol of style and fashion. 

You can choose from a wide range of colors, styles, designs, and shapes; such a colossal range of choices makes them even more desirable. 

Even though acrylics tend to cost quite a sum than a normal application of nail polish would, their demand continues to rise because of their flawless look and elegance. 

What Happens to your Natural Nails after Acrylics? 

As an artificial nail is stuck on the surface of your real nail, it tends to weaken your natural nails, rendering them parched and even chipped. 

Also, getting acrylic nails does not limit the growth of your natural nails. So, as time passes by, if your acrylic nail is damaged and your natural nail has grown, a gap is formed between these two, wherein there are chances of you developing a nail infection. 

During the process of getting artificial nails, you often have to cure your nails as a final step, by putting them under a source of UV light, which also helps the coating of nail polish or gel polish to dry quickly. 

But this is quite harmful to the nails, as these UV rays might end up making your natural nails look yellow, thereby ruining not only their health but their look as well. 

This is why nail repair after acrylics is of utter importance. 

Well then, let’s hop onto that now. 

Ways to Repair Damaged Nails after Acrylics

Here are certain simple yet highly effective tips on how to repair nails after acrylics: 

1. Hydrate Them

It’s quite amazing how water tends to be the answer for so many of our health-related problems. And it is so, for keeping your nails healthy as well; keep drinking lots of water daily for a prominent result because the more water you drink, the stronger your nails are bound to get. 

2. Effective Oils

Flaky and damaged cuticles are often the most common complaints after getting acrylics done. To prevent further damage, keep applying cuticle oil to your cuticles and gently massage them, thereby moistening them and nourishing them. 

repair damaged nails after acrylics
repair damaged nails after acrylics

Cuticle essential oils are of great help for nail repair after acrylics. 

Apart from this, coconut oil, which is rich in Vitamin E, is also proven to be of major help. Even olive oil for that matter; tends to help with the growth of your nails by improving blood circulation.

3. Give your Natural Nails Some Time

As soon as you get your acrylics removed, cut off your natural nails, even if they have grown and there isn’t any visible damage. This is because many times, the damage might not be prominent but that does not mean it is not there. 

By cutting them off, you would be giving them time to grow in the absence of acrylic nails, thereby granting them more space and air to be in a better shape! 

4. Take the Right Food Supplements

Did you know that you can also ensure the restoration of your damaged nails after acrylics by simply using kitchen ingredients? Well, now you know. 

Vitamin C is one of the most useful supplements that help maintain the growth and strength of your nails; consume more citrus items such as orange or lemon juice, tomatoes, etc.  

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Taking up protein is also extremely effective and it is not only beneficial for healthy nails but your overall health as well. 

5. Exfoliate

Develop a habit of exfoliating your nails regularly for the best results. You use homemade scrubs or if you choose to buy them, just make sure that it is chemical-free and natural.

Exfoliating your nails will not only help you get rid of the dry and dead skin but will also smoothen your cuticles. 

6. Be Patient

Last but not the least, you need to be patient enough for these processes and tips to work out; your nails need time, proper nourishment and care, and the right products to get back to their natural and healthy state after acrylics. And that is not going to happen overnight. 

As long as you follow your nail-care routine correctly and stay patient, you should have no difficulties in getting a satiating result. 

Getting acrylics is not necessarily a bad thing, but you should take a break before getting extensions the next time, and never be reckless and incessant in these matters; it is important to give your natural nails air, space, and time before getting acrylics again. This is something to be careful about because if proper care is not taken, then the result will be damaged nails after acrylics. 

But don’t worry, because these tips are guaranteed to help you out and that way, you would be able to keep up with all your fancy needs without having to worry about too much damage, for these tips would always have your back! 

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