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Clinical Psychologist Kamna Chhibber Speaks About Effective Parenting Techniques

Kamna Chhibber is a clinical psychologist and heads the department of mental health and behavioral sciences at Fortis Healthcare.  She not only indulges in...
0 12 min read [wp_claps_applause] https://www.thevoiceofwoman.com/clinical-psychologist-kamna-chibber/https://www.thevoiceofwoman.com/clinical-psychologist-kamna-chibber/https://www.thevoiceofwoman.com/clinical-psychologist-kamna-chibber/

Michelle Penczak, The Accidental CEO Of Squared Away Creating Opportunities For Military Spouse

Michelle Penczak, Accidental CEO Of Squared Away, in talks with TVOW: The army is the backbone of any country, who are willing to sacrifice...
0 3 min read [wp_claps_applause] https://www.thevoiceofwoman.com/michelle-penczak-ceo-of-squared-away/https://www.thevoiceofwoman.com/michelle-penczak-ceo-of-squared-away/https://www.thevoiceofwoman.com/michelle-penczak-ceo-of-squared-away/

Founder Of Women Who Rock, Melinda Colaizzi, Talks About The Importance Of Women Health Research

We all love to entertain ourselves and refresh our minds by listening to music, some of us even love to groove along with it....
0 4 min read [wp_claps_applause] https://www.thevoiceofwoman.com/founder-of-women-who-rock-melinda-colaizzi/https://www.thevoiceofwoman.com/founder-of-women-who-rock-melinda-colaizzi/https://www.thevoiceofwoman.com/founder-of-women-who-rock-melinda-colaizzi/

Entering Adulthood: 18 Things To Do When You Turn 18

Entering the realm of adulthood?  In other words, turning 18 soon? Then you should know all your options before you step into this daunting...
0 3 min read [wp_claps_applause] https://www.thevoiceofwoman.com/18-things-you-can-do-at-18/https://www.thevoiceofwoman.com/18-things-you-can-do-at-18/https://www.thevoiceofwoman.com/18-things-you-can-do-at-18/

A Guide To Avoid Marriage Pressure From Family

Once you are in your late 20s, receiving another invitation during the wedding season can bother you, especially if you don’t have a plus...
0 3 min read [wp_claps_applause] https://www.thevoiceofwoman.com/how-to-avoid-marriage-pressure-from-family/https://www.thevoiceofwoman.com/how-to-avoid-marriage-pressure-from-family/https://www.thevoiceofwoman.com/how-to-avoid-marriage-pressure-from-family/

8 Reasons Why Wearing Makeup Is Important!

“All women are pretty without makeup but – with the right amount of makeup they can be pretty powerful.” – Bobbi Brown  Women are...
0 3 min read [wp_claps_applause] https://www.thevoiceofwoman.com/importance-of-makeup/https://www.thevoiceofwoman.com/importance-of-makeup/https://www.thevoiceofwoman.com/importance-of-makeup/

7 Women Freedom Fighters of India: The Forgotten Martyrs Of History

The independence of India from colonial rule was the result of unretiring patriotism and selfless sacrifices of many. Many young and old freedom fighters...
0 3 min read [wp_claps_applause] https://www.thevoiceofwoman.com/7-women-freedom-fighters-of-india/https://www.thevoiceofwoman.com/7-women-freedom-fighters-of-india/https://www.thevoiceofwoman.com/7-women-freedom-fighters-of-india/

Is Every Woman A Female: Gender Vs Sex

As a result, gender is not to culture as sex is to nature; gender is also the discursive cultural means by which ‘sexed nature’...
0 3 min read [wp_claps_applause] https://www.thevoiceofwoman.com/difference-between-sex-and-gender/https://www.thevoiceofwoman.com/difference-between-sex-and-gender/https://www.thevoiceofwoman.com/difference-between-sex-and-gender/

Transgender Day Of Remembrance: Every Life Is Precious!

Humans are creatures of emotions as much as they are creatures of intellect. The most beautiful thing about human beings is not that they...
0 4 min read [wp_claps_applause] https://www.thevoiceofwoman.com/transgender-day-of-remembrance/https://www.thevoiceofwoman.com/transgender-day-of-remembrance/https://www.thevoiceofwoman.com/transgender-day-of-remembrance/

11 Ways To Save Money While Shopping

Shopping these days is like therapy. After you’ve worked all month you deserve to reward yourself with little things now and then to keep...
0 3 min read [wp_claps_applause] https://www.thevoiceofwoman.com/save-money-while-shopping/https://www.thevoiceofwoman.com/save-money-while-shopping/https://www.thevoiceofwoman.com/save-money-while-shopping/

Indira Rangarajan- The First Lady Of Radio Breaks Gender Stereotype At Every Step

Women need to see themselves as true and authentic and not caricatures: Indira Rangarajan Indira Rangarajan, the National Content Director of Mirchi, which is considered as...
0 4 min read [wp_claps_applause] https://www.thevoiceofwoman.com/indira-rangarajan/https://www.thevoiceofwoman.com/indira-rangarajan/https://www.thevoiceofwoman.com/indira-rangarajan/

Exigency And Role Of Women In Politics

Women’s leadership qualities have always been neglected and disregarded, especially in our country India where women strive for their basic rights. Women only make...
0 3 min read [wp_claps_applause] https://www.thevoiceofwoman.com/role-of-women-in-politics/https://www.thevoiceofwoman.com/role-of-women-in-politics/https://www.thevoiceofwoman.com/role-of-women-in-politics/

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