There has always been this gender equality and inequality dilemma. What do you think can be the reason? Why do you need a female role model? Can reason be women who are not taking initiative, or the men being over masculine? No one is ever going to find an answer squarely to this social issue.

Studies have shown that the population of women with wealth has surged up to a great extent over the past decades, (applause to all women!!!) but it has also been found that women lack behind men in the case of the topic that I will be providing knowledge of. This article will be revolving around why you need a female financial role model and where you can find one.

So I was talking about financial literacy. This is obvious, women will be some steps behind men in such a case, but definitely, a day will come when women will be at the top in this field. We already have examples of women blooming high in this category, you must know Nirmala Sivaraman, the finance minister of India. 

Do you know that it was not until 1976 that the equal credit opportunity act made it illegal to deny access to credit based on sex, marital status, race, or religion? Or even the fact that until 1988, a woman still needed a male relative to co-sign a business loan? Even now, women do over 60 percent of the world’s work, yet generate only 10 percent of their income on a global scale. Considering the now and then picture: We have made rapid progress in such a small period, that I can guarantee the day is not far from now when we will surpass men. 

Importance Of Having A Female Role Model In Your Life

Since this progress is quite a recent thing, you may face trouble finding a female financial role model in your life. Having a female to talk about finance and all, is not only important to keep you motivated and educated but will also be helping you with situations and circumstances that are more of a female thing. Your expenses, income, daily needs, etc. These things are different from your male partner. 

  • Personal care and feminine product expenses
  • Salary
  • Savings

All the above vary, which implies your budget will be different. You can move from zero to a zillion If you don’t have anyone in your family to whom you can turn, then here are some sources to find your female financial role model.

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1. Get Together With Your Friends

Talking about money is generally considered taboo but the truth is we all are very much driven by money. Most people prefer to talk about recent issues, occasions, old days, politics and rather a rumor but not at all about money. 

The only group that you can freely converse about these things with is your girlfriends. You and your girlfriends would have gone through the same circumstances and situations so you guys will fall better on the same ground. You can discuss with them if they have any money-related apps that work for them or any specific credit cards that offer them a bonus. These are just some ideas to start your conversation.

Female Role Model
Female Role Model

2. Host A Monthly Money Club

You must have been familiar with a cooking club or a fitness club, but have you ever thought of a club that will enhance your financial abilities? Do something out of the box, get together with your close ones and discuss, strategize, congratulate, and innovative ideas related to money only. This is not at all awkward. Do this, you will get people supporting and growing with you.

3. Find A Mentor That Gets You

Even if you have accelerated well in the financial aspects, you may have more males to approach when talking about money. To mitigate this gap you can join an online platform that will help you connect with a female finance expert. You can even ask friends of yours who are interested to gain such influences. In this way, you will be helping spread financial awareness to others. 

We hope that someday you will be the one who leads the population towards a better women’s financial status. And remember, to lead this, you don’t have to be at the top, you just need to join hands and work towards a specific direction. Even if you discuss with some other person, come up with a solution and practice that, you have done your part or minimal contribution.

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