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10 Home Remedies Which Will Help You Steer Clear of Scalp Buildup

Styling your hair by keeping a middle partition looks absolutely chic and gives your face a bold look. But it does not look that...
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5 Effective DIY Blackhead Removal Masks!

Blackheads are the worst skin problem you have if you have oily skin. Besides, inflamed and red pimples, blackheads can deteriorate a smooth skin...
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Want Beautiful Wavy Hair? 4 Easy Ways!

It is not just Victoria Secret Angels that can achieve that perfect, soft, and messy I-woke-up-like-this beachy waves. You could do it too. Wavy...
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Rica Wax: Yay Or Nay?

Smooth, hair-free legs for the simple price of pain – that is what waxing reminds us of. How many times have you struggled with...
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Eyeliner On Bottom Lid: 4 Tips To Make It Look Stunning!

Eyeliner can really enhance the way your eyes look. Just putting it on makes your eyes look awake and beautiful, especially if you have...
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3 Hassle-free Ways To Remove Gel Manicure

Were you seriously thinking about getting your gel nail removal from the nail salon again? Well, that might not be a wise choice considering...
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8 Easy And Stunning Curly Hair Styles To Try This 2021

All hair types are beautiful and we can’t forget the gorgeous natural curly hair. Despite its criticism of being a mess or trouble in...
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19 Signs You Are Suffering From Shoe Addiction

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a stunning pair of shoes. At least for a shoe addict, it does. Clicking on this...
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Shapewear: A Girl’s Ultimate BFF

Blake Lively says, “The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence.” Well if you are lacking that because of your body shape, you...
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Tired Of Hair Knots? 7 Detangling Tricks To Try Today!

We often face a very common hair problem that is, hair knots. It’s a serious challenge when you have adamant hair knots and you...
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Jeggings With Top: An Faux Pas That’s Now Considered A Trend

Jeggings are the perfect love child of jeans and leggings. The fashion industry welcomed the idea in the early 2000s, with a lot of...
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Are You Not Sure What To Do With Your Mom’s Saree? 12 Different Ways to Reuse Your Old Saree

An Indian traditional look never goes out of style. If anything, it only adds up even more elegance and beauty to your look. And...
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