A broken person or someone who is damaged because of past relationship traumas can make them feel they can’t and won’t be loved again or they might have just given up on love. Falling in love with a damaged person might be the biggest challenge you’ll ever face in your life. It’s like not knowing whatever between you and them is even real or not. Sometimes, it’s not even romantic or something you see in the movies. Yet, this is the bravest and hardest thing you’ll ever do, loving with a damaged person. Loving a broken person requires a lot of patience and a swarm of love showering towards them. They might want you but the fear of the past makes them stop. So, how can you make it right? We are going to tell you some great tips if you are loving someone who’s broken and how to make your relationship last longer. Read on to find out! 

Signs You Are Falling In Love With A Damaged Person

Someone who’s broken is most probably won’t like talking about it much. They might feel shy or scared of communicating. There are some signs your partner is broken and may need some love and care they might deserve. 

1. They are not Confident 

If the person you are dating is not very confident or optimistic about things it might be a sign they are broken even though they might want to be with you but for them, something is just not right which makes them scared about the relationship. This might be a sign they are damaged. 

2. They do not Communicate 

Not communicating doesn’t always mean they are not interested in you. When they do not like talking about some particular thing, it might be something traumatizing them. It might be a sign you are loving someone who is broken. 

3. They’re Mostly Quiet 

If your partner is extremely reserved and silent, it can be a sign they are dealing with some emotions they are not if they should talk about. This is something that screws up mental health and is a possible sign they are broken. 

4. They Push you Away 

When a person who has their heart broken before starts having feelings for someone, it can be scary for them. They may fear that the person they have feelings for may eventually do the same and hurt them which makes them push you away. 

How To Love A Broken Person? 

Falling in love with a damaged person might be truly tough and you might want to quit your relationship, but you just can’t because you love them and want to make things right. Love isn’t easy, it gets messy and tougher as time goes by. Here are some tips you can follow to make things even a little bit right: 

Love A Broken Person
Love A Broken Person

1. Don’t be Selfish 

Selfishness is not always a good option. If you are truly in love with someone, you would care for them and their mental health too. Sometimes you might want to leave because “you can’t take it anymore”, but you love that person and want it to work out. So, don’t just think about yourself, you need to understand that when you are loving someone who is broken, you may have to deal with their problems and emotional challenges too. This may make your partner feel a lot more good about you. 

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2. Patience 

Patience goes a long way. It is the most important thing when you are falling in love with a damaged person. A lot of patience is required when you are in love. Their mood and attitude may change and they sometimes may say some harsh things to you but they may not mean it. They might be struggling and need your shoulder to rest on for a while. So, have patience and love them with an open heart. 

3. Listen to Them 

This is the best thing you could do when you are falling in love with a damaged person, listening. Listening to their problems and what they have in mind may help them a lot in clearing out their mind with those obsessive thoughts. Ask for details when they are opening up with you. 

Listen to them
Listen to them 

Even though they may not feel comfortable sharing all the details, you can make them feel better by listening to what they need to talk about. 

4. Give Them and Yourself Some Space 

Sometimes space is what a person needs. Giving him space may help them evaluate their feelings and cope on their own. Even if they ask you to leave them alone, do not get offended, it might not be because of you. This is good for them to feel a little better. 

Give them and yourself some space
Give them and yourself some space 

Not just for your partner but giving yourself some space may also be very beneficial. You might be exhausted and tired of always failing to make things better for them. You need a break! Have it, you deserve it. 

5. Support Them 

Supporting your broken partner is the best you can do. If your partner requires a therapist, go make an appointment for them, remind them to take medication, or just make them feel better by giving all the love and care they may want from you. Through love and affection, you might heal them and make things right. 

Support them
Support them 

6. Love Yourself as Well 

Do not lose yourself while you try to make things right. Sometimes you may get tired and exhausted but the thing is, you love them and you might not be able to change it so you face it all without thinking about yourself. Do not forget that you can only love someone else after you love yourself. It’s the first thing you need to do before anything. 

These were some signs of falling in love with a damaged person and some tips to make things right. Remember, sometimes things do not work out as you’ve expected, and loving someone who’s broken can be tough and requires a lot of patience. Do not forget yourself, set boundaries when you feel something isn’t right, and do not let yourself drown in the emotional traumas you don’t want. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can two damaged people heal each other?

A. When two broken people get together, they both try to fix each other. It won't be easy, but they can draw strength from each other's empathy and compassion.

Q. Can you be too damaged to love again?

A. You can never be too damaged to have a relationship or be loved. No matter where you are in life, you owe and deserve to be loved. More than half of the battle is to keep yourself open to love.

Q. How do you love someone with emotional trauma?

A. Educate yourself and your partner about trauma. Make sure you know about your partner's triggers and help them heal.

Q. How do you love a damaged woman?

A. Accept her and her past completely. Stay loyal and avoid rushing things.

Q. Can a heartbroken man love again?

A. Yes, make sure you heal from your past and stay open to new relationships.