Boob Job or Breast augmentation or breast lifts are growing more and more common these days. It refers to a surgical treatment to enhance the size and shape of the breasts. There might be several reasons why a woman would opt for this: perhaps she feels uncomfortable about her body as it is, or has had a child and feels slightly insecure about how her body has changed, or wishes her breasts to be more symmetrical and balanced in comparison to her body.

Some women do it because their breasts are too large and therefore they chose to get rid of this uncomfortable burden, others because they are too small, and some just because they want to. While it is necessary to stop pressuring women to conform to certain physical expectations, there should be no judgement for undergoing such a procedure. 

Must-Know Facts Before Opting For A Boob Job

Here are some things you should know if you’re considering getting a boob job.

1) Do some research on your surgeon

While it’s important to trust your doctor to a certain extent, this is a voluntary surgery as well. If possible, you can look up your surgeon and see if you can find any reviews, or talk to any relatives or friends to find out how happy they are with the results.

2) You can look around

You don’t immediately have to schedule the surgery the minute you’ve decided on it. You can visit a few doctors and have a consulting session with them, discuss what it is you’re expecting from the augmentation, and make your own judgments. Look into the best clinics, hospitals, or practices in your city for the kind of services you’re expecting, and don’t take any hurried decisions. Settle on a place that will treat you well for the money you’re paying them, because you’re undergoing a surgery after all.

3) You cannot go up or down several sizes in a go

If you have an A cup, and you’re planning to go for a DD, it cannot happen in one surgery, because that will require you to go up several sizes. If you need to do so, you may have to opt for multiple surgeries with the necessary recovery time intervening, otherwise it might be extremely physically taxing. Your doctor would be able to guide you regarding this.

4) State your expectations clearly

Discuss in detail with your surgeon the kind of reduction or increase or change you need. If you leave anything out, it will affect you. Since this might often be an issue of preference, your doctor cannot just read your medical chart and know the cure, so you must speak openly to them about what you want. Ask any and all questions during consultation sessions, so that everything about the procedure, aftercare, and anything else you need to know is totally clear to you.  

5) Choose between silicone and saline before Breast augmentation

Both silicone and saline implants have their advantages and disadvantages, as your doctor will no doubt tell you. Silicone implants look a little more natural as opposed to saline implants, which sometimes feel a little heavier. While many patients opt for silicone, you should discuss this with your doctor before taking a final call.

Boob Job
Boob Job

6) Take Time off Work

Breast augmentation is a major surgery. You will have a lot to adjust to, and it is hardly a pain-free process. You may struggle with pain a fair bit post-surgery, but if it’s something you really need to do for yourself, remember that the pain won’t last forever. However, you won’t be in any position to be doing much for these few days, and shouldn’t take on any added stress like work or chores. Find someone to help around the house if possible, and tell your boss that you won’t be able to come in.

7) Give Yourself Time

After breast augmentation surgery, you might not take an immediate liking to your new breasts. You might feel you have made the wrong choice and feel very upset. Time will tell. However, it is more likely that you’ve simply not given yourself enough time to get used to something that is entirely new and that you were previously unaccustomed to. Many women report going through this phase of doubt, and after a while, you might find that you made the right decision after all.

While the process of breast augmentation might still be met with derision by larger society, it is a choice many women choose to make. Life is not very long, and we should live it as we wish, and not find ourselves constantly burdened with insecurities. If you think about getting a boob job constantly, and feel it can only make you happier, then it might be the right choice for you.