Too tired to let go off the idea of resting? Want to have an entire week of mental holiday? It may be because your tiredness has reached the saturation point, going beyond which is impossible without rest. If you feel like you have forced yourself out of bed more with every passing morning, then that surely means that you are too tired. If you don’t want to come out of that cubicle even on festive days, then that shows that you have stopped thinking and are just working yourself out. These are not the symptoms of mere tiredness, but a complete set of symptoms for exhaustion. And these two words are far apart from each other in their respective meanings. 

According to Royal College of Psychiatrists-” At a particular point of time, one person in every 7 is exceptionally tired and 1 in every 12 people are a prey to prolonged fatigueness. “

Signs of Exhaustion

According to scientist Jennie Gough, “Exhaustion is something that overwhelms you up. I have been there and seen that”. 

Exhaustion is not the general tiredness as we stated above. It is much beyond that. Exhaustion makes you feel like you are trying to make your way out of the densest of fog. All your mind asks you to do is to sleep and let that brain rest. You do not feel hunger or anything. You just want to sleep it out. So, basically if you stand at the top summit of your career and are the best female employee at home as well as in office, it may be that you are literally exhausting yourself.

According to Dr. Sarah Brewer, Healthspan, Medical Director, “A larger number if exhausted patients have been found coming out of the female gender than the male ones. “And of course none of us are unknown to the reasons for the same. We females have a habit of trying to manage it all right from home to the office. And amidst all this what we ignore the most is our own mental, and emotional well-being. 

Common Symptoms of Exhaustion

  • Your thinking capacity has exhausted to the level 0.
  • You are much more than what people call as stressed out.
  • Your normal healthy eating or walking, and has been substituted with those ready to eat packaged foods, so that you don’t have to waste time going out.
  • You find yourself insomniac out of stress and don’t feel like sleeping at all.
  • Your lips are dry and seem droughted as you have not even bothered to gel them up in a while.
  • Gym has become a dream to you. You no longer feel like doing any kind of exercise and if you dare to do, your blood pressure seems to stoop down much below normal.
  • Your mood is too bad for someone to come, and interrupt you out of your mental mud.
  • You feel like you are asthmatic and are in a lack of breath.
  • You feel like you are in your office or workplace all the time.
  • Your sofa is the only place you are living your life these days as you haven’t even found enough time to go to bed and take out your shoes.
Symptoms of Exhaustion
Symptoms of Exhaustion

When does it become a thing to be consulted to Doctor?

According to NHS, if you are continually exhausted for a time period ranging 4 months and above then that shows you may be affected by chronic fatigue syndrome. Chronic fatigue syndrome is a chronic illness which is inclusive of symptoms like excessive tiredness. It is also known as Myalgic encephalomyelitis. It has got no confirmation test attached to itself. But its diagnosis is possible through the symptoms it shows. The strangest thing about it is that there is no particular age group to it. But as the surveys say, it is much more common occurrence in women who fall in the age group of 20s to 30s.

There are some of the common symptoms through which it can be diagnosed. These are inclusive of insomnia, joint ache, headache, dizziness or sickness, heart palpitations. Chronic fatigue syndrome is something that comes into existence when there is a lack in the processing of energy delivery phenomenon. Or it also happens when much of your energy gets used up in fighting a chronic infection. Overall, you fall short of energy so much that you may feel there is no energy left to be alive. 

According to Dr. Myhill, “the symptoms of exhaustion come into existence only when the brain finds itself incompetent to fulfill the demands of life.” And when that happens, we all go back to our best friend called escape. Trying to escape, we go immediately to take the help of caffeine or alcohol. But one thing should be fairly noted that it may take you near your goal but all it takes is one fine sleep or illness to get you back to your chronic fatigue syndrome state! And once you are there, your goal is again unaccomplished. So, instead of trying these narrow escapes, all you should do is to go on with the proper channel of rest and relaxation. 


Having mentioned the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, we would like to tell you that it’s symptoms are so common that you may mistake them with:

  • Glandular fever
  • Bacterial infections
  • Genetic issues
  • Immunity issues
  • Mental health issues like overthinking
  • Hormonal dis-balance

When you should understand that your concern is important?

If you feel your body is exhibiting the aforementioned symptoms, then you are surely at the risk of chronic fatigue syndrome and should consult a doctor. 

Can high BP be one of the reasons making you feel exhausted?

To be honest, yes it is one of the major reasons to make you feel tired. It is because a high BP exerts too much pressure on essential organs such as brain muscles, heart walls and kidneys. Often when you feel like you are tired for no specific reason, it may be a result of the fact that you are suffering from high blood pressure. 

How to deal with it all?

There are some of these steps following which you can easily deal with fatigue issues. Here they are:

  • Smaller and frequent meals: Most of us often find it unnecessary but eating smaller meals at frequent intervals is really important. It has a scientific reason behind it. If you keep eating regularly, then you crave less for sugar intake. This helps in regulating your blood sugar level which makes you feel really less tiresome.
  • 8 hours of sleep: It is imperative to understand the need of sleep in our lives. Early to bed and early to rise may seem like a long-lost childhood quote. But this is something that needs to be followed by our generation essentially. If you want to condition and have a quality sleep, then avoid going with caffeine intake. Also, don’t consume alcohol after evening hours. Keep away all the electronic items and set your room temperature according to how you like it to be.
  • Cortisol control: Cortisol refers to that hormone which is responsible for stress. In some patients it has been observed that irregular cortisol is the reason behind their chronic fatigue syndrome and headaches. Try to regulate that in order to correct your fatigue issues.

So, this was all that you have to keep in mind regarding fatigue syndrome. We will come back with more such articles. 

Stay tuned! 

Stay healthy, stay happy 💚

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