Are you looking for effective droopy eyelid exercises? Then this is the perfect guide for. Before moving into exercises, let us know what are droopy eyelids. Your eyelids are a part of the muscle ring or the orbicularis oculi that engulfs your eye. This muscle helps you to open and shut your eyes. Your eyelids, made up of two thinnest skin folds on your body, perform very essential functions for your eyes. They shield your eyes from dryness, foreign bodies, unnecessary pressure, and also help you to sleep. At sleep, your eyelids distribute tears uniformly across your eyes to keep them hydrated, help them rejuvenate by absorbing light, and drive dust and dirt away. However, eyelids can sometimes become sluggish and drooping. For more serious situations, these can contribute to eye issues, medical disorders or other health conditions.

Your upper eyelid is attached to a muscle that lets you keep it in place and push it up and down to cover or open your eye. A smaller, supportive muscle helps with this process. In fact, the muscle beneath the membrane of your eyebrow acts to lift your eyelids from above. Weakness or damage to one or all three of these muscles or their tendons can cause your eyelid to drop. Drooping of the eyelids is known as ptosis, which derives from the Greek term meaning “falling.” So if you too are struggling with droopy eyelids, then we’ve listed down the potential causes, and also some easy droopy eyelid exercises to do. These practices would also tone your eyelids, but would also make your eyes look wider, more lively and more beautiful. Despite this, you can use eyelid tapes to fix and hide the droopiness instantly without any exercises.  Such little innovations have improved lifestyles a lot.

Causes of Droopy Eyelids

There are a variety of explanations for droopy eyelids. In certain instances, eyelid droop either begins in infancy and is due to an inherited disorder, or develops slowly as the muscles stretch out. Some of the most common causes of droopy eyelids are:

  • Ageing that allows muscles, tendons, and skin to become weaker, to lose strength, and slowly become weaker.
  • Improper positioning of Botox treatments that partly paralyze the muscles in the eyebrow or lid.
  • Glaucoma eye drops induce fat loss in the eye
  • Myasthenia gravis, a disease marked by fatigue and lack of muscle control.
  • Diabetes Treatment
  • Stroke, brain tumor, cancer of the nerves or muscles or any other serious condition

Droopy Eyelid Exercises

Well thankfully, there are some simple droopy eyelid exercises you can do, to fix your droopy eyelids. These exercises can help you develop strength in your eyelid muscles and therefore, get rid of droopy eyelids. 

1. Warmup

Just cleaning, warming and gently massaging your eyelids frequently throughout the day, has been shown to increase circulation and nerve responses, even without a workout. It also prepares your eyelids for an intentional workout by making muscles more flexible and softer. This is the most simple droopy eyelid exercise you can do to fix droopy eyelids. 

2. Strengthen Your Upper Eyelids

To strengthen your upper eyelids, begin by gazing straight into a mirror at your face. Place your index fingers just behind your eyebrows and keep the fingers slightly curved. Hold your eyebrows against the ridge of your bone. Close your eyelids, extend down your upper lids. Perform this droopy eyelid exercise five times a day, and then squeeze your eyes shut for a total of six. Relax the eyelids’ contracted location on a count of three, and then open the eyes. Do this exercise twice a day; five days a week.

3. Basic Muscle Stimulation

Direct stimulation of your eyelid muscles alone can fix droopy eyelids. Either through concentrated movement of the eye, or by making use of a stimulating device, such as an electric toothbrush. The mechanical pressure of the brush forces a reaction in the small muscles of the eyelid. Try dedicating several minutes each day to this droopy eyelid exercise for the desired results. 

4. Resistance Workout

Resistance workout involves making your eyelids to work out every hour to boost eyelid dropouts. By lifting your eyebrows, putting a finger underneath and leaving them up for multiple seconds at a time when attempting to shut them; you would be able to stimulate your eyelid muscles. This induces strength and is close to lifting weight. Also, quick blinking and eye rolls also work well for your eyelid muscles. So, next time if you are rolling your eyes on someone, your eyelids will thank you for it. 

5. Trataka Yogic

Droopy Eyelid Exercises
Droopy Eyelid Exercises


The Trataka yogic eye workout, intended to enhance general eye health and vision, is renowned throughout the ayurvedic culture. This technique may be helpful as eye movement is related to eyelid movement. Fix your eye or eyes with the eyelid droop on a single target to practice this exercise. Then glare at it without averting your attention for as long as you can. You can sense your eyelid muscles functioning as you do it. 

6. Eye Patch Workout

An eye patch workout is a simple yet fun way to treat a droopy eyelid. When one of your eyelids droops, you would usually prefer to choose the other eye for more difficult activities; the same way you would choose a healthy hand or leg instead of an impaired one. You would wish to cover the good eye with a mask to ensure that the weaker eyelid receives adequate regular exercise as the other one. That means you will be doing some eyelid exercises during the day without even realizing it. Droopy eyelids are normal. They are more commonly induced by a natural aging cycle and can be strengthened by exercises.

If the droop is more severe or occurs suddenly, it may be the result of incorrect injections of Botox, injury, or some serious health condition. If the droopy eyelids are interfering with your ability to see or function, it may require medical assistance. There are a variety of medical droopy eyelid treatments that may benefit such as: 

  • Using prescription eye drops which would help the eyelids to contract quickly and thereby, fix droopy eyes.
  • Upper lid blepharoplasty i.e. plastic surgery for tightening the eyelids and removing excess skin from the upper eyelids. It is also used to improve sight in older people whose droopy eyelids get in the way of their vision.
  • Using a ptosis crutch which is a physical device that lifts the eyelids. It is a very noninvasive, hassle-free, and nonsurgical option for treating droopy eyelids.