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You might have come across various face fillers and cosmetic fillers, and celebrities getting botox and fillers for cheek enhancements or facelift. 

Similarly, Collagen injections are used for many such purposes, let us enlighten you with everything you would wish to know in the above intricately detailed paragraphs.

What Is Collagen Injection?

Talking about collagen, it is in simple words, found in your skin. To understand the same, let’s first make you aware about your skin.

Skin is a three layered tissue. The three layers are called the epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis. 

  • Epidermis: The first and the uppermost layer has the function to control the loss of water from cells and tissue and without the epidermis, the body shall quickly turn dehydrated.
  • Dermis: The second layer lies below the epidermis. The dermis consists of blood vessels, nerves, hair follicles and made up of  the protein, collagen. The function of the protein is that it forms a web of fibres that helps in the growth of cells as well as blood vessels. The basic component of dermis is collagen and hence, it is seen to be as a support structure for your skin.
  • Hypodermis: this is the layer that is inclusive of fat and connective tissue that contains larger blood vessels and nerves.  It is also a host to collagen cells, and plays the function of conserving the body heats and helps in the protection of inner body organs.

What Are Collagen Injections Used For?

Collagen injections are basically injections that can make your skin look smooth and plumpy at the same time. It has the quality to enhance your skin and make it appear smoother than before.

Collagen injection is the best filler until date, with the same, you might as well find other substances that your dermatologists might use to make your skin look chubby that could include fat from your own body and synthetic substances. 

collagen injection

How Lines Are Formed On Skin?

Who likes those lines on their face? But how do they actually appear on your skin, ever wondered? The function of collagen injection is that the framework of the same remains intact hence, so that your skin is smooth and elastic.

Now you might think then why do lines appear? Well, overtime with the environmental exposure, the support structure loses its strength as well its elastic nature upto some extent.

Eventually, skin tends to lose its tone colour and collagen decreases as well.  Technically the movements that your face does, like when you smile, or squint and even frown it stresses the collagen present in your skin. Due to these facial expressions, lines begin to appear.

Working of Collagen Injection

The work of collagen injection is to retrieve and as well as for the replenishment  of the natural collagen. The skin through the usage of injection is enhanced because the strength and the framework of the support structure is retrieved. This should be injected professionally only through a trained and experienced dermatologist.

What to Expect From The Collagen Injection and Other Fillers?

For initiating the treatment or injecting procedure, you first need to have a collagen skin test. The test basically thrives to observe if there is any allergic reaction that is triggered, so they injected some amount of collagen in your arm and observed for a month if there’s any reaction or not. 

Proceeding into the treatment, if there is no reaction, your dermatologist would start with the procedure. Your dermatologist might kick you in with some amount of local anesthesia in order to numb the area, so that you don’t feel pain. The normal consequence of the procedure might redirect your area with some redness, puffiness and even swelling. 

In order to understand it completely, you can always guide yourself into the treatment through seeking information from your doctor. You can ask him to tell you about what and what not to expect from the treatment.

It is significantly important to take into consideration that the procedure shall not remove every line that is present on your face. You should preferably rank your choice as to where you wish to get your face treated, whether you wish to get lip fillers or get cheek enhancements.  

You should discuss the expected price with your consultant doctor, and ask him what are the precautions you are required to take. Also, it shall be dependent on the substance that is injected, whether you might need more continued procedures to maintain the same.

Are Collagen Injection A Right Choice?

The same  thing that is important to know that the types of dermal fillers that come might not or might be the right for you, the above confusion can be decided by you and your doctor by going over through your medical historical records and review if there could be any allergic reactions or what are the cosmetic fillers or other types of dermal fillers that are suitable for you.

When you and your dermatologist might decide in regard to  the types of dermal fillers and suitable injections, the dermatologist might perform a test in order to decide if your skin is appropriate and whether your skin is sensitive to the substance that is injected. 

Other Cosmetic Fillers! 

There are other injectable fillers like 

  • botox filler that is not actually a wrinkle filler rather tries to immobilize the cause of the same and is injected into facial muscles.
  • Another one is, HA Acid injections, that is a substance that fills the gap between collagen and elastic fibers within the skin, that retrieves the natural volume lost due to ageing.
  • There are many more injectable fillers like Radiesse, Sculptra, Juvederm  and many more. These fillers work differently , you can ask you doctor about which is the best suited for you!
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Though you are beautiful the way you are, it is never wrong to make changes that make you feel good about yourself! 

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