Due to various environmental problems, there are reports of Acid Rains nationally, and you may wonder if this acid rain has any effects on us or not. To clear the general misconception Acid Rain does not mean that the water has acid in it. However, there are high levels of acidic content that could mean some serious damage. Water that is contaminated as a result of this is known as Acidic Water.

To know more we should first discuss what is acidic water

Meaning of Acidic Water: pH of Acidic Water

Acidic water has a pH of less than 6.5 while the general level of pH for water is between 6.5-8 where 7 is the ideal value, any number less than it is high in acidic content whereas any number higher to this value is Alkaline. So due to this water being less than the ideal value, it tends to possess acidic content which could be harmful in some cases. 

How is this Acidic Water formed?

The whole process for the formation of this water is natural but there can be some human reasons that affect it such as the mixing of certain materials in the water bodies by spills, chemical dumping or any other materials mixed through the drainage system. 

In the Hydrologic cycle, water from the major water bodies evaporates because of the difference in the humidity level, the water rises as water vapors that after reaching a certain height they cool down and form the clouds. 

The water then is sent back to the earth through the process of precipitation, when this water mixes with CO2 or any other harmful gas in the atmosphere and reacts. The precipitation resulting from this is called Acid Rain which further mixes with the natural water bodies and makes the water acidic which is consumed by human beings and other animals. If we are exposed to this kind of water, it is crucial for us to consider this question: Is Acidic Water bad for us?

Which is Better: Alkaline vs Acidic water

The difference in the pH of water makes water Alkaline or Acidic. Bottled water or alkaline water is bitter in taste as compared to normal tap water. It has various health benefits like it improves metabolism, energy, digestion but this water is not considered suitable for people who have kidney diseases and often increases the dryness of our skins. 

In the question of alkaline vs. acidic water, we should also look at the benefits and risks of Acidic water.

Benefits of Acidic Water

It is not right on our part to label Acidic Water as harmful, there have been studies that prove the various benefits of acidic water 

Acidic Water
Acidic Water

1. Beneficial for Skin

Acidic water is known to be rich in antimicrobial properties that means it is good for our skin and scalp. It is useful in treating any kind of skin inflammation and acidic water can reduce the redness or itchiness. It also furthers benefits in the absorption of antioxidants in our bodies quickly. 

2. Better for the Environment 

While this phenomenon is a result of environmental problems and could be harmful to some organisms if they consumed this water, but acidic water is good for plants and can be used to water indoor plants.  

3. Alternative for Cleaners 

The acidic water can be used as an alternative for cleaners that we buy at high prices. You can use this water in spray bottles and use them to clean glasses and surfaces like you normally do. 

4. Useful in Treatment of various infections 

Given the antimicrobial properties of the acidic water, it may be useful in treating certain skin infections such as Atopic dermatitis which can be treated by taking a bath with acidic water has proved beneficial.

5. Good for your furry friends 

Acidic water is not only good for our skin but also for our pets. If your dogs have problems of constant itching or mild to major dandruff, giving them a bath with acidic water could be useful. 

6. Good Sanitizers 

The acidic content in water makes it a good sanitizer as well if you don’t wish to use alcohol or any other chemical product to clean your hands or vegetables using this can be good as it is known to kill the bacteria and other germs from the surface without exposing them to chemicals.

Acidic Water
Acidic Water


Below are the risks of acidic water:

1. Decreases the quality of water

This is one of the direct risks of Acidic water as after mixing with the water bodies acidic water decrease the quality of water. The discharge from industries and houses further aggravates this issue. This is not good for human beings and neither for aquatic life.

2. Expose us to Heavy Metals 

When acidic water flows from the pipes which are made of heavy metals, the acidic content in the water makes the metal corrosive. This is very harmful when we drink and could have fatal results. 

It not only affects us but also affects the quality of the pipes and results in serious plumbing damage which has high repair costs.  

3. Risks for children 

Acidic water could make the pipes lose certain metals like copper, zinc and even lead into the water. These metals are specifically dangerous for young kids who are still in their developing stages. Lead can even make kids susceptible to many nervous problems.

4. Stomach Problems 

Since our stomach produces hydrochloric acid which is helpful for the breakdown of complex food substances. Any increase in this level could result in gastrointestinal problems. So acidic water is not good for consumption.

5. Damage to Bones

Acidic water and the high acidic component in the water makes the calcium retention for our body difficult which results in a loss in bone density and further, causes bone diseases like arthritis especially in the elderly. 

So, the question of which is better, Alkaline or Acidic, is completely the choice of the consumer, but before switching you must take into consideration all these points and then decide.

Until then keep drinking water and watch its benefit in every aspect of your life!

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