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Nigerian Chapman: The Most Refreshing Cocktail You Will Have This Summer

At the onset of summer, fruit punch has to be one of the most popular drinks; everybody loves some punch or the other. Be...
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Like Raspberries? 6 Tartini Recipes You Need To Try

There is nothing more glamorous and luxurious than a cocktail that looks and tastes fantastic. Cocktails are the end all be all of every...
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Try the Dazzling B-52 Shot: Recipe and Variations

Everyone loves a good after-dinner drink, especially if its a party. And the best drinks are those which capture your attention just by having...
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House Party Cocktail Tips: Colorado Bulldog & Its 4 Variations

The party season in your heart can carry on forever and  what better way to spice things up than a perfect cocktail? One which...
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Sweetening every cocktail – 7 Butterscotch Schnapps Cocktail Recipes To Try

Everyone’s heard of the buttery nipple, Bailey’s comet, and the Butterfinger. All these have one thing in common – Butterscotch Schnapps. This gives the...
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Not A Green Tea Lover, Try Green Tea Shot!

If you’re someone who likes light, fresh, and refreshing drinks, you’ve come to the right place. Infamously known as the Jameson Green Tea, this...
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Try The Dirty Pink Pussy Shot (Recipe and Variations)

Summer is almost here and summertime only means one thing, party time! And what better way to beat the heat than with the coolest...
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The Sweetest Shot You’ll Ever Try: Buttery Nipple Recipe And Its Variations

Party shots are inevitable, they are great when you want to get tipsy while enjoying the loud music and delicious food. One of the...
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7 Worth-A-Try Rum And Sprite Recipes For A Refreshing Experience!

You might have heard about the iconic combination of rum and coke. It is easy to make and has an enticingly sweet and sour...
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The Fruitiest Drink In The Town: Barbados Sunrise And Similar Drinks To Try!

Summer is up next and we all are waiting for it. The season of parties, beaches, clubs, and booze. Nothing is better than having...
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Try The Beautiful Blue Frozen Margarita Cocktail: Recipe And Variations

Are you a fan of colorful and frozen drinks? As we have started having parties at home, you might be searching for some great...
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Cement Mixer Shot: The Strangest Shot You’ll Ever Try!

Cement mixer shot very popularly known as one of the disgusting alcoholic drinks to try. Mostly used to prank friends with a gag shot,...
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