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Pandan: The New Matcha of The Culinary World

The best part about plants and herbs is that not only do they help to enhance the taste of your dish, but also come...
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Try The Fruity And Bright Blue Moon Shots

We all know, shots can never be boring. Shots are fun and a must-try when you are on a vacation or at a party...
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9 Yummiest Sailor Jerry Cocktail Recipes To Try

Spiced rum cocktails can never disappoint. The freshness and the flavour of spicy liquor with smooth, sweet and subtle flavours of rum will make...
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10 Coronavirus Myths That Had Gripped The World Worse Than The Pandemic

When we first heard about a new virus that was spreading in the streets of China, we did not know how dangerously and fast...
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India’s First Indoor Ski Park Is Coming Up In Kufri! Here’s Everything You Need To Know

We all love adventurous activities and who doesn’t love skiing? Well, if you do love skiing, you should know about this good news! India’s...
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Beat The Summer Heat With The Bramble Drink

Always looking for cocktails that will pair well with a sunny summer day? Need that jolt of freshness to hit while you are sunbathing?...
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Sex With The Bartender And More: The Best Of Coconut Rum

We’ve all heard about sex on the beach but what about sex with the bartender? We’re not here to hook you up. This lesser-known...
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Rica Wax: Yay Or Nay?

Smooth, hair-free legs for the simple price of pain – that is what waxing reminds us of. How many times have you struggled with...
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11 Funniest Memes Of 2020 That Broke The Internet

2020 has been a tough year and one thing that got us through this year is memes. Memes of 2020 made us laugh like...
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Lunchbox Drink: The Hassle-free Cocktail For Beer Lovers!

The first thought that probably came to your head after listening to lunchbox drink is the memory of your school. Another thing very close...
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The Singapore Sling: A Dazzling Drink To Stimulate Your Senses

The art of making cocktails has room for endless experimentation and exploration across the globe. Be it the famous delicious Mimosa, first created in...
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A Slice Of Fruit With A Dash Of Liqueur: 3 Strawberry Schnapps Recipes You Can Try At Home

Who doesn’t enjoy a cool portion of fruits on a warm, weary day? Strawberries are a particular favourite when it comes to such fruits....
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