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Aunt Roberta: The Sweet Sounding Cocktail With Maximum Alcohol Content

This cocktail needs a disclaimer before trying it out, for sure. When it comes to strong cocktails that are known to cause hangovers, Aunt...
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Missed Your Periods: 5 Homemade Pregnancy Test To Confirm The News

Pregnancy can have various implications for various people. Some people might be planning their pregnancy for a long time whereas, it might come as...
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Fat Elvis: Jive With The Favorite Tipple Of The King Of Pop

Are you bored of the regular cocktails? Do you want to try a cocktail that has the most iconic ingredients? You’re at the right...
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Same-Sex Marriage: Why It Is Still A Social Dilemma?

Same-sex marriage has been a hot topic of debate for decades and it has been regulated by law, religion and social customs for several...
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The Lip Smacking Chambord Cosmopolitan: Recipes To Try Out!

It’s almost our favourite season, summer and summer is all about partying, beaches, brunches and cocktails! How can we forget the luxurious, yummy, refreshing...
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Peach Fuzz Mixed With The Delight Of Orange Juice: Say Hello To The Fuzzy Navel Cocktail!

If you are a cocktail lover, chances are that you are fond of experimenting with new types of drinks, whenever you go out. Often,...
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A Minty Drink To Refresh You: The Dirty Girl Scout Cocktail

Imagine this: you are at a party, voice hoarse with laugher, every nerve inside you giddy with happiness. Around you, the lights flicker just...
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Is It Offensive Or An Exaggeration? The Myntra Logo Change Issue

If you have been on any social networking websites in the last few days, chances are that you have heard about how the e-commerce...
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Shop Your Heart Out In The 4 Biggest Shopping Festivals Of 2021

There is a kind of thrill that comes with shopping. Navigating the crowded lanes, trying to find what you are looking for, attempting to...
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The Classic Combination Of Tea And Cocktail: Long Island Ice Tea

Imagine you are relaxing at home after a long, summer day. All around you, there is the warm haze of the sun, lingering even...
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7 Reasons For Getting A Good Sleep

A night of good sleep seems like a solution to a lot of our problems. Just imagine you are back home from a long...
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9 Easy Solutions To Get Rid Of Coffee Breath

Are you a coffee lover? You probably know which flavor or the kind you want to drink today, some of us don’t even know...
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