More and more women in our society and across countries are choosing to ‘live alone,’ be a ‘free spirit’, a ‘lone wolf” and enjoy the freedom of living alone. Most people think living alone is the coolest thing ever to happen. And it is, in many ways. But there are certain things and problems which only a woman living alone would understand, and it always isn’t a convenient situation.

Things Women Living Alone Relate To

Here we bring seven things that a woman living alone can entirely relate to: 

1. You Can Do (Almost) Anything   

Living alone can teach a woman many new skills in household skills. They have time and convenience of doing things themselves, like how to repair a broken appliance, or how to decorate a room. Changing a fused bulb or fixing a tap is also a skill that living alone situations teaches a woman. You don’t need to call a technician for any of this, just a tool, and you become efficient in fixing it by yourself. Living alone makes one self-reliant and teaches useful life skills.

2. Be Messy or Clean (Your Choice!)  

Every woman has experienced living with a roomie who is either extraordinarily tidy or untidy. This results in silent resentment among both at some point. Living all alone means living the way you want, keep the house messy or tidy it each time, without any guilt. Living alone means the woman gets to decide how to keep the house without listening to another’s opinion or having to think of else.

3. Being Ill Is Bit Worse

Living alone has benefits, but also some drawbacks. One of them being when you are sick or ill, and you have no one to look after you! You are your caretaker during the sick days, make soups, and prescribed food all by yourself. Living alone during sick also makes a woman feel incredibly lonely and depressed. But one you are better and out of recovery, you are back to yourself and proud that you sailed through it all alone by yourself.

4. Cleaning the House

Though when you are with a roomie, you share the cleaning duties, when you live all alone, you become an expert in cleaning stuff and house. You realize that everything in and around the house needs regular cleaning, and you do it by yourself. The best thing about cleaning when alone is that you never need to clean up someone else’s mess when you are sharing a house.  

Cleaning the House 
Cleaning the House  

5. Cooking Food

When you live alone, you will have to cook every meal for yourself, which is a challenging task. The initial days start with burning food, and as days go on, you learn to cook tasty dishes. Now you can prepare whatever you want for yourself, and that feeling of independence is fantastic!

6. Companionship to an Invitation

When invited to a wedding or a party at a friend’s place, you keep wondering who to bring along to the invitation. Having a roomie has this advantage, you can tag them along for the plus one invitation. You end up attending the invitation all alone mostly, with a wish that sometimes there could be someone you can take along with you – to have company on the way to and back from the venue.

7. Clothing becomes Optional

You don’t need to bring you to dress and choose good ones when you live alone- you can pass the entire day in your PJs, and there won’t be anyone to say anything to you! Once you are through the door, clothing becomes optional. Make sure to avoid the windows and delve and enjoy your freedom!

8. Limiting Alcohol

If you are sharing your house with a roommate, they will stop by your alcohol limit when you both decide to booze. Or when partying with friends and coming back home with a hangover and puke, your roommate would be there to give you a glass of water or even hold you, ask you puke and maybe give something for the headache. If you are alone, you will have to know your alcohol limit, to keep your drink so that the above situation doesn’t occur back home. 

Despite all these, the freedom of living alone is incomparable and liberating for many women who don’t want any other soul to invade their space and privacy. 

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