Not many of us are getting dreamiest romantic getaways right now, with the pandemic hovering over us, but it’s surely a good time to plan for the future trips that can be done as soon as things begin to normalize. This would not only decrease the hassle later on while at the same time would also uplift your mood. 

Romantic getaways are important for couples to rewind and rejuvenate themselves and the foundation of their relationship, once in a while. We are going to talk about some of the most exotic romantic getaways for couples in this article to help you out when you’re planning your trip. 

From dreamy beach venues to hilly terrains, as well as quirky unknown locations, we’ve covered everything and it’s up to you and your partner to determine your calling. Most of the places mentioned below are extremely safe and well-maintained, which is an instant pro. 

Are you excited to know about the world’s most romantic destinations for couples? Read along! 

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Exotic Dreamiest Romantic Getaways for Couples 

Here are the dreamiest romantic gateway for couples:

1. Zanzibar Beach 

While talking about romantic getaways, we’ve got to begin with a beach location. Beaches are the world’s most romantic destinations for couples, to celebrate their love. This one right here is an island named 

Mnemba, situated off the northern coast of Zanzibar. The best parts about being on a date along the shore are the pleasant breeze and the feeling of sand between your toes. 

There’s nothing better than having delicious seafood on a decorated table by the sea. Seems divine, right? It’s time you plan a romantic beach getaway to Zanzibar and tick it off your bucket list. 

2. Treehouse Romance 

Some experiences are a must before you die and living in a treehouse with your partner is surely one such experience. If you want to do something out of the box, plan a romantic getaway in a secluded and beautiful treehouse at Lion Sands Game Reserve, situated in South Africa. 

Getaways for Couples
Getaways for Couples

You would have complete privacy, and the feeling of being able to see the stars right above you and the beauties and bounties of mother nature around would feel surreal. The rooms are made on uplifted platforms, on bushes, with your luxury being the priority. 

However, nature’s the best decor there. Have you always wanted to watch the stars with your better half? There’s no better way to do it than to spend a romantic getaway in this heavenly place. 

3. The Yeatman Hotel 

There’s something immensely romantic about vineyards and we’re here to tell you all about it. This is a hotel located in Porto, that overlooks the River Douro. The rooms scream luxury and royalty, with their main focus being the wines. 

This is one of the most exotic romantic getaways for couples with beautifully designed baths, pools, elegant revolving beds, etc. The Caudalie Vinothérapie Spa and the Michelin-starred savories are the primary attractions of this hotel.  

4. Desert Love Story 

Not many people have experienced an exotic romantic getaway amidst the desert sands. The Whisper Rock Ranch is a stylish Airbnb in Joshua Tree and is perfect for your romantic pursuits, with a hint of thrill. The best thing about it is you’ll be able to stargaze at night, in the cool desert breeze. 

Some great additions are a cute pool, a jacuzzi, the surrounding wild, and most importantly, the shower that is enclosed by glass. What could be fancier? A cozy, romantic dinner in this room with your loved one. It’s going to be an experience of a lifetime for sure! 

5. Riad Hikaya

Have you always fantasized about the love stories of princes and princesses? We’ve got a place that’s going to take you straight into a tale of the Arabian Nights. Spending time in a Moroccan riad is way more thrilling and enchanting than it seems. 

The rooms are decorated with royal, engraved furniture, the fabrics are rich and have jewels attached to them. An exotic romantic getaway for couples in its truest sense, with all the aspects extremely sophisticated, as well as dramatic, including a bathtub made of copper and a door that opens right into the pool.

6. Udang House In Bambu Indah 

Have you ever imagined walking around on the glass, with fishes right below you? Yes, it’s possible to experience such a thing at Udang House, Bali. As far as the world’s most romantic destinations are concerned, Bali is quite famous, and going there is a must if you get the chance to live in a place made above a shrimp pond. 

The stunning interiors, beautiful outdoor shower, and breathtaking views underwater make this place one of the best on our list. Have you been planning your honeymoon recently? How about Bali? A big thumbs up for sure! 

7. Belmond Hotel Cipriani 

If you want to spend a romantic getaway with your partner that feels straight out of a 15th-century play, you’ve got to check out this hotel. It’s situated in Giudecca, a Venetian island. The rooms of the hotel are gorgeous, with everything being as close to perfect as possible. 

The stunning view over St. Mark’s Square and the lagoon can be seen from the premium suites. If you book one of these for a couple of days, you’ll be sorted. Are you channeling your inner queen energy yet? We are, for sure!  

Bottom line

We have mentioned some of the very beautiful and exotic romantic getaways for couples that are going to be the most exciting adventures with your partner. If you’ve been saving up for a romantic getaway for a long time, it’s time that you finally decide on your dream trip to one of these places. 

Traveling is a great way to strengthen your relationship and bond, and nothing could be better than such divine places to make memories in, with the love of your life. Are you pumped up enough to start planning your trip already? So are we. Let’s get started! 

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