Don’t let Motherhood Ruin Your Sex Life 

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Simran Lakhina
A content writer with a specialization in journalism and mass communication. Being a post-graduate in English, I aspire to write a work of fiction one day. I enjoy interacting with new people and like to be in a positive aura.

Motherhood affects and modifies a women’s life to a great extent i.e. motherhood over sex life, what we are talking here. From one’s routine to lifestyle and changes in relationships with other family members. Especially a woman’s relationship with her husband takes several twists and turns after a baby is born. Not just a couple’s emotional relationship but also their physical relationship is deeply affected after having a baby. There may be different experiences to different people but the majority of women feel that their sex life graph has taken a downward slope after having a baby. According to recent findings by a UK media group, eighty percent of the parents said that they had less sex after their children and seventy-three percent said that their sex life has gone progressively worse after their children. 

Bringing back romance

Parents feel that it is their selfishness if they think about themselves rather than their children. But it also important for a couple to be happy with each other for them to give a positive environment to their children. Ruined marriages can lead to ruined parenthood. A recent Children’s Society”s survey found that 70 percent of the children reported that their parents having a good relation made them happy. Parents need to put the romance back into their lives. A happy couple means a happy family.


Privacy is difficult to attain when you have children but it also not impossible. Especially with small children, as they have fixed bedtimes. Try to have a more private space. Make your children understand your personal space. No matter how long your day was, make sure you build time for your partner. Having your bedroom time will strengthen your relationship and is surely a stress releaser. Sex does not need to be penetrative: try cuddling, touching, holding each other and kissing. 

Entertain each other

Don’t stick to your monotonous sex routine after a child. Be open to adventures and experiments. Take care of your partner’s wants and feel free to demand yours. Spice up your bedroom time like the new lovers. It is important to believe that a fulfilling sex life should not just evaporate with the arrival of children i.e. motherhood over sex life. 

Desire in woman

Many women complain that their sex desire has deteriorated after having a baby. But it is completely normal for both man and woman‘s libido to hit a rock bottom low during the first six to nine months following the birth of your baby. Much of it has to do with oxytocin, the bonding chemical we release when we hug, make love and breastfeeding. To get back on track, start talking, touching and cuddling to raise your oxytocin levels. Even if the intercourse is frowned upon, give each other a massage and stay connected. 


Many women say that they just stop taking care of themselves after the baby. They themselves have stopped liking the way they have become. Then how do you expect your spouse to be attracted to you? It is important to remain in your schedules of self-grooming. It should be a priority to get dressed nicely for the outings. Never stop taking care of yourself.

The story of diminishing sex life after kids is so common it’s become a cliche. A fulfilled sex life doesn’t just evaporate with the arrival of children. There are just some incredible opportunities at hand. Even if your sex life isn’t all fireworks and orgasms, most sexual concerns linked to childbirth tend to settle out after the first year.Parents need to put the romance back into their lives. A happy couple means a happy family.

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