Losing thigh fat can be very tricky business, sometimes you are doing exercises for a long time and still won’t see any change or difference around your thigh area your thighs are the last place that will lose fat by the normal exercises that you’d been doing. 

So, if losing thigh fat is your main concern then you have to do certain exercises that specifically work on the thigh region and attack the fat around there. 

You must have heard people raving about doing squats to reduce thigh fat and let us tell you that they aren’t wrong. Doing squats works best to reduce those thunder thighs and it even tones your butt and thigh muscles. So, if you want to lose some fat or just want your thighs to get in shape for the summertime, follow these squat exercises. 

You don’t have to do all of them together you can take your pick and do it religiously every day. We will advise you to start from the basic one and as you get better and used to it you can go to higher level squat exercises. It is all up to you. 

Why Squats?

You must be curious to know why only squats? Well, there are other exercises that you can do but squats are the best to reduce thigh fat specifically. Doing squats means you are not just working on your thigh but also your glutes and core. Apart from this, they are functional exercises that will help you a lot in your everyday activities. 

You may hate them the first few days but as you get past that initial period of pain you will love them and will see results in no time. 

The basic squat works the best and would be the perfect choice for this purpose but here we have a bunch of squat exercises for you so you can switch them up if you get bored doing just one. Always remember to make exercising fun to help you keep going. Put on some good music, watch a motivational video while you are exercising, basically whatever rows your boat do that but keep going. 

Benefits of squats 

By doing squats every day you are sure to get all of these benefits- 

  • The fastest way to burn calories
  • Builds your muscles
  • It increases your flexibility
  • Help and prevents injuries
  • Helps you with everyday chores
  • Increases your physical abilities
  • It helps to improve your balance
  • Improves mobility
  • Strengths your core muscles
  • Improves your speed

Now if you are convinced that these are the things you want for your body then get going because we don’t want to waste time anymore. 

Squat Exercises to Reduce Thigh Fat

Here are a few easy variations of squats that you can try right now, but remember the basic rules for squats. Firstly, your knees should not get any farther from your toes. Second to keep your core and glutes firm and tight and you can do this by keeping your shoulders back and not drooping forward. Also, remember to keep your back and neck straight. The better your posture the better the squat works. 

1. The Basic Squat

  • To start with the basic squat, stand with your feet shoulder apart.
  • Bend your knees forward keeping your back and your neck straight. This will look as if you are trying to sit on a chair but with a better posture.
  • You can keep your hands in your front. Go as down as possible or you can keep a chair beside you and stop when you reach the seat and then get back up in the standing position.
  • You can do 2 sets of 15 squats each, take a break of 10 seconds in between to give your body some rest.
The Basic Squat
The Basic Squat

If this is a lot for you then you can keep two chairs beside you and as you go into the squat position use them as support. But as you get better at this remember to chuck the chairs to get the right results. 

2. The Sumo Wrestler Squats

The Sumo Wrestler Squats
The Sumo Wrestler Squats
  • Start with standing tall with your legs apart. This time your legs should be a little farther away than shoulder-width.
  • Point your toes out and start bending your keens out and your hips back. As you do this bring your hands to the front you can even fold it if you want.
  • Your thighs should be parallel to the ground and go as low as you can and then come back to the initial stance.
  • You can do 15 sumo squats and repeat this twice. If you want you can even divide the 15 squats into two groups and take a 10-second break in between if you are new to this.

3. Jump squats

Jump squats
Jump squats
  • If you get better at squats and want to try high-intensity ones, then you can go for jumping squats.
  • The steps are the same as your basic squat but when you are down in a squat prepare yourself to jump as you come up.
  • Push your body to jump up and then return to the squat position.
  • Repeat this twice with 15 squats in each set.

4. Squat and Leg Raise

Squat and Leg Raise
Squat and Leg Raise

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  • Start by standing hip-width apart and keep your back and your neck straight. Keep your hands in front of you.
  • Bend your knees forward and push your hips back, then go down in the squatting position.
  • As you come back up in the standing position, lift one leg to the back touching your hips from your heel.
  • Do this with alternate legs. Repeat this 15 times with each leg.

So, these were a squat exercise to reduce thigh fat, for you to help you get the toned legs and core that you always wanted. This will give you the perfect legs that you always desired and looks great in jeans, dresses, skirts basically everything. 

Remember the key is to keep going without stopping just keep in mind the body you wish to have and exercise daily. No one can stop you from getting that. 

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