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It’s quite natural to sweat between your legs, particularly if it’s a hot day or you’ve been out for a run, or even if you’ve clocked an hour or two at the gym. You might feel uncomfortable or embarrassed if you feel you smell, or if you suspect other people notice and you have stains on your pants, or even if you feel you’re sweating beyond what’s average.

It might also be that sweating is causing irritation or chafing between your legs, which can be quite unpleasant. However, it is a natural bodily process, because you sweat where you have sweat glands, and there are sweat glands on the vulva. So here’s what you need to know about sweat in the crotch area.

Know The Science

Sweating too much in the groin area might be due to a few things. Low blood sugar or diabetes could be culprits, as could pregnancy and menopause (due to hormone fluctuations or changes).

Hormone imbalances, in general, could be behind it, or hyperthyroidism or obesity. It could also be that you’ve been under a lot of stress lately and this is one of the symptoms, or you’ve been taking some medications that might be inducing more sweating.

You might also have hyperhidrosis. If you feel that sweating in that area is becoming a bit excessive and beyond your control, it might be time to see a doctor about it or ask your gynecologist.

Try Some Solutions

Here are few solutions to cure your crotch sweat:

Deodorant or antiperspirant

Deodorants are a quick fix for summers, and they’ll work just as well in this situation. Try something which advertises itself as an antiperspirant, as they can block your sweat glands.

Try roll-ons so you can apply it precisely, but don’t apply it anywhere near your actual vagina, and avoid sensitive skin and mucous membranes. This is a cheap and easy solution, and in many cases, it works out fine.

Botox injections

This might seem a bit weird and potentially painful, but it’s quite harmless. Aside from sorting out wrinkles, botox injections are also used to suppress sweat by blocking the glands. This isn’t something you have to have done regularly as it can last about six months. So it’s quite effective and isn’t harmful for you. You’ll be sweat-free for quite some time.

Baby powder

Try talc-free baby powder to soak up the moisture. This won’t stop the sweating, but it will absorb it. This is an easy fix if crotch sweat is an annoyance for you, but not a serious problem.

Avoid tight clothing

Try to avoid yoga pants, pantyhose, and tights. Don’t wear underwear made of synthetic materials, and try to stick to fabrics like cotton for undergarments. Avoid underwear which is likely to trap heat and sweat in the groin. Go for natural fabrics instead, you’re also more likely to avoid rashes and allergic reactions.

Trim your pubic hair

Hair can trap bacteria, which can be good if it is the right kind of bacteria (preventing yeast infections, and so on). However if it mixes with oil and sweat, the result can be a bit smelly. Therefore, if you feel it’s necessary, you can carefully give yourself a trim down there. Be careful not to nick anything and use a specialized trimmer if possible.

Maintain good hygiene

Spending too much time in sweaty clothes can lead to yeast infections, and besides that, you just won’t be very comfortable. Change out if you’re sweating too much.

Bathe regularly, at least twice a day, if you’re developing a serious sweating problem. Make sure you clean your crotch area well. Also, try to examine the components of the sanitary napkins you use (if you use them), as sometimes they can be made with materials which can cause an increase in crotch sweating. In which case, try and find ones made with more natural materials, or use tampons or menstrual cups, or other alternatives.


The bottom line

It’s quite normal to sweat a certain amount. However, if you’re sweating to a point where you’re soaking through your clothes regularly, it might be worth a visit to the doctor. Generally speaking, sweat in the crotch area is more of an irritant than a serious problem, but you should still be wary so you can avoid any infections (which can be quite nasty to deal with). 

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