DIY Hacks To Try With Your Post-Holi Outfits

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Post-Holi Outfits
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What to do with Post-Holi Outfits???

Holi, the festival of bright colours, loud music, lots of dancing and some crazy chilled drinks (If you know what we mean). We wouldn’t even hesitate to mention that of all the celebrated festivals, Holi is our favourite. And why not? It’s such a fun day, stepping outdoors, playing and running with colours as we used to when we were kids. 

This Holi put on a shiny white outfit and get all prepared, enjoy the day with your friends and loved ones, and when you’re done, hold up, don’t throw your stained clothes away. Why do you ask? Because people, we’re about to blow your minds in this article when we tell you all hacks to try with your post-holi outfits with these color wrecked clothes. Read along to find out.

1. Get Yourself A DIY Table Mat!

You can make table mats out of your colourful yet no longer useful clothes. It would look good on your tables, and will always go with your furniture. To do this, simply hem the cut-outs of your Holi stained clothes outfit. You can do this by folding back half-inch margins on all sides of the pieces and sticking them to the back using fabric glue. There you go! You have made yourself a cute little table mat from your very own coloured Holi clothes! Now, who is going to say a Holi outfit is just going to be a waste of good clothes?

2. Easy And Cheap Wall Art

Who says you need to spend crazy amounts of money for putting some nice wall art pieces in your rooms? Now, you can just do it with your coloured clothes from Holi. If your Holi outfit was a simple baggy T-shirt or a skirt, simply cut up the fabric into a square or rectangle shape and staple it around the edges of a blank canvas board. Or, you can make several smaller ones to have a whole collection of them. Hang it on your walls and there you have it an easy and cheap wall art.

3. Cute Colorful Cushion Covers Made Of Post-Holi Outfits

Wouldn’t it be great to have one more statement cushion on your sofa, couch or in the bedroom? Because too much isn’t really enough with those cute little cushions. Get yourself a small cushion from any home decor store and measure the surface out. Then cut out two pieces, from your coloured clothes, using the cushion’s measurements. Also, remember to leave a 2” margin on each side. Then stick 3 sides of the fabric together using a fabric glues, leaving an opening to slide the cushion in through. Now you have your very own colourful cushion cover made from your coloured clothes.

4. Quick And Cheap Headbands

Post-Holi Outfits

Now you don’t have to worry if you lost a headband and have to run to the store to get new ones, now you can just make your own headbands from your stained Holi clothes. How you ask? Simply cut wide and long strips of your post-Holi clothes and tie it into a bow around your head. You can also in the middle, and stick the opposite ends with fabric glue. There you have a really cute and cheap headband. You can wear this anytime with a basic white tee.

5. Time For Some New Book Covers

Ever wondered how do you make your diaries, notebooks and journals not look stupid while covering them? Here’s how. Simply make covers out of your colour stained clothes and there cover them in your books. They will look really good on your desk, or your shelf too.

6. Dress Up Your Gifts With These Gift Pouches

Now you can add a little personal touch to the gifts you give to your loved ones. Use your colored clothes to make cute little gift pouches. You can either invest some time in stitching up a bag. Or you can simply do the lazy girl DIY hack to get a gift pouch. Just cut up one big piece, place your goodies in the center and bunch it up at the top. Then tie a piece of a beautiful ribbon to secure the package. There you have a reason to get a gift for your loved ones!

7. Fashion In Patches

How cool would it be to give your wardrobe a makeover it has been waiting for? Get your favorite jeans and start gluing colored patches randomly over their length. You can also glue elbow patches to a striped shirt to make it look even cooler!

These are all the things you can do with your colour stained post-Holi outfits. Crazy, isn’t it? Well, no need to thank us, we’re just trying our best to give you some amazing ideas. With this, we’re wishing all our readers a very safe and happy Holi!

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