Sick and tired of your child’s toys lying around the house every time you put them aside? Well, worry not mommies, because we are here with just the perfect article for you. 

Hacks to Organize Your Kid's Toys

Organizing kids' toys in a better and more efficient manner with the hacks mentioned below.

1. Re-Use

With a little bit of imagination, your regular household items can make terrific storage for toys, books, and whatever else is piling up on your playroom floor. Therefore, before you spend a minor fortune on store-bought storage solutions, take a good look around. You might be able to save some money with one of these clever toy storage hacks for kids.

2. Shoe storage rack 

Thanks to the plenty of pockets and clever space-saving design, over-the-door shoe racks make a brilliant home for tiny toys, like Legos and toy cars. Barbie dolls and action figures also fit seamlessly into a shoe rack’s deep and narrow pockets while still leaving plenty of room for dolls’ clothes and other accessories. Be sure to choose a rack with clear, plastic pockets, accordingly, your little one will be able to see what they’re looking for without tearing everything out. Hang behind the door, or create a larger storage area by nailing several racks directly to the wall.

3. Trash Can

Skip the expensive toy boxes and storage containers, and wander down the trash and yard waste aisle at your local hardware store. Given a bright and glossy coat of paint and a soft and sunny lining, this cheap trash can that can be turned into a storage bucket could house anything from stuffed animals to laundry. 

4. Canvas Shopping Bags

Want to make the most out of your wall space? Try mounting a row of hooks. But then instead of using them to hang coats or just a few items of clothing, slide the handles of a simple shopping bag over each knob, maximizing its storage capacity. 

5. Magnetic Knife Rack

Magnetic Knife Rack
Magnetic Knife Rack

Magnetic knife rack reused as toy car storage for kids. If you are sick of stepping on those toy cars, then rack them up! A magnetic knife rack makes the perfect parking spot for your son’s Hot Wheels collection. Simply glue a small magnet to the base of each car, and place it on the magnetic strip. 

6. Book Ledges

Book ledges re-imagined as toy car storage for kids This easy storage hack is as ornamental as it is functional! Rather than piling toy cars into bins and buckets, try filling a wall with your son’s favorite four-wheeled treasures. Book ledges are the perfect size for exhibiting toy cars. Make sure to choose a shelf with a shallow lip. Because you probably don’t want to obscure the side of the cars! If you prefer to see the entire car, try fixing the ledges upside down.

7. Lingerie Bag

Lingerie bags are used as bath toy storage for kids. If you are tired of gathering up cold, wet bath toys every time you step into the shower, then instead of paying a lot of money for a small bath net or bulky storage scoop, why not pick up a cheap lingerie bag and make your own? Intended for use in water, a lingerie bag’s mesh material dries quickly and permits any water trapped inside the bag to evaporate easily, making it the perfect tool for the job. Just sew ribbon loops to the corners of your lingerie bag and fasten to the shower wall using cheap suction-cup hooks.

8. Wall Baskets

Wire wall baskets can be used as toy storage for kids. Wall-mounted wire planters generally store little more than potting soil, but when installed on a playroom wall, they make an attractive and inexpensive alternative to those expensive, purpose-made wall baskets.

9. Hanging Baskets

A hanging fruit basket was reused as a bath toy storage for kids. A three-tier fruit and vegetable basket serves nicely as a drying and storage rack for bath toys and shower accessories and can be easily swung from your existing curtain rod. Prefer something a little less flashy? Install a hanging plant hook to the wall above your shower, and hang your basket in the corner.

10. Dresser Drawers

Some attractive storage drawers can be repurposed from old and thrifted dressers, to fit neatly under the bed and roll out for easy access. You can use the reclaimed space to store toys or tuck away winter clothing, extra blankets, and other items not currently in everyday use.

Dresser Drawers
Dresser Drawers

These are some of the hacks you can try at home to organize your kids’ toys so they won’t lie around the house so much. All you need to do is to look at your regular household things with a different perspective and a little imagination.

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