Divya Seth Shah Advises All The Young Actors To Not Let Ego Come In Their Way

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Divya Seth Shah is one of the finest and gorgeous actress you will ever see in the Indian acting industry. Apart from being a talented actress, she is also active when it comes to women empowerment and environmental awareness.

Shah started her career in the acting industry in the early 80s in the Hindi TV serial Hum Log. Since then, she has acted in several TV serials and Hindi films as well, portraying various roles. She is one of those ageless beauty actresses of the acting industry, and someone who simply loves animals.

The Voice of Woman recently got into chatting with the fabulous Divya Seth Shah to find out a lot about her journey as an actress, her thoughts on feminism in today’s time, and a bit about her thoughts on the degrading environment as well. 

Keep on reading to know more about the one and only Divya Seth Shah!

How did your journey in the acting industry begin?

As everyone knows, my mother, Sushma Seth, is an actor, as well. So, my earliest memory of the acting industry is when she used to work on stage.

I used to go for her rehearsals, sometimes even my siblings would come with me to her shows, and we would usher, be with the backstage crew, that is when I realized I wanted to become an actor.

Did you always know that you will end up as an actress in your career?

Always. I never wanted to be anything else. I always wanted to be an actress. Be it on stage or television or film; any medium is fine with me as long as I am acting.

What are the most common hurdles women face in the acting industry according to you?

Well, there are many hurdles that women and even men face in the acting industry. First, it is the lack of talent; second, it is the lack of opportunity, and third is finding your way around this maze for getting the first break in the industry, become someone that everyone knows. 

So, it is a hard task, being in the acting industry, but it is a beautiful journey at the same time.

How do you maintain your personal life being a celebrity?

Honestly, it is not that hard to maintain my personal life. For this, you should be able to balance your life with the support of your family. Your family will have to understand that your work is not only a profession, it’s something you love.

Women are often given objectifying roles in the industry. What would you like to say about that?

The fact that women are objectified is a sad reality. Women are not only objectified in the acting industry; they are objectified everywhere. We see women wear skimpy clothes in car ads, hotel ads, and so on.

It’s because people think the female form is most attractive and can attract and lure customers with such ads. 

My thought is attractiveness should not be the only prerequisite for a woman to be an actor, rather it should encompass other characteristics such as your talent, your personality, and your charisma as well. 

But of course, if you have an attractive body, you can flaunt it. All I want to say is it shouldn’t be the only thing for people to see. 

Along with the fight for feminism, the true meaning of feminism is getting lost and misinterpreted by many women. What are your thoughts about this?

I think feminism is a derivative of freedom. Freedom is paramount when it comes to the concept of feminism.

So, if along with the fight for feminism, if the meaning gets mixed with other things that women want, then that is something that we all have to learn how to deal with it. 

What is the secret behind Divya Seth’s ever-glowing skin?

Thank you for the lovely compliment! It actually takes a lot of hard work to achieve glowing skin.

I have been using face packs for the last three decades now, recommended by Monica Palta who is a friend of my mother’s. Apart from this, I drink a sufficient amount of water, workout, follow my diet, and have some dessert as well.

Are you strict with your diet?

Well, I try to be strict with my diet. I follow a nutrition plan which is set by Harpreet Pasricha. I am a pure vegetarian, but I do have a sweet tooth, which becomes my Achilles’ heel sometimes. But other than that, I am quite strict with my diet.

Who are the most important people in Divya Seth’s life?

Definitely, my family and a few of my close friends, whom I consider my family as well are the most important people in my life.

The environment is degrading rapidly. Being an environmentalist and a tree protector, what would you like to say about this?

When it comes to the rapid degradation of the environment, it really breaks my heart. Despite everything that we humans, along with the earth are suffering from, we are still continuously abusing the environment by cutting down trees, exploiting the natural resources, littering, and the list goes on. It is really heartbreaking! 

But I will continue to spread awareness and do my part to make sure that my surroundings are kind and stay natural.

What message would you like to give to all youngsters aspiring to be an actor through the Voice of Woman?

I would love to advise all the aspiring young actors that you have to keep working and never let your ego get in your way. Your pride should be paramount, but never your ego.

There are a lot of small roles to play, and you will have to portray such roles to make your mark in the acting industry. Only then, people will know that this person can carry this particular scene.

All the famous actors that you see today in the acting industry have worked very hard and played all types of roles, and you should too.

Keep working, keep acting, and never give up♥ ~ Divya Seth

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