If you are a fan of French fashion or an admirer of their culture and style, you should know about this trick that they swear by for fabulous hair. This simple trick is very simple- dilute shampoo.

In case you missed reading the long list of ingredients written at the back of your shampoo bottle, most of them have sulfates which are a kind of detergent that is used in most of the products that help us clean. This is very harsh and harmful for your hair. 

Many doctors and hair stylists suggest you follow this. You do not need a palm-full of shampoo for your hair frequently. If you are interested to know about this technique of the French and a secret to having gorgeous hair that feels like you just walked out of a salon, continue to read further and find out how to dilute shampoo.

Why do you need to switch to dilute shampoo?

You might feel that shampooing your hair is not that big of a deal that you have to worry about, but it is. There are so many hair problems that you can avoid by using this simple trick. Some things that you need to know related to using a shampoo that is not diluted. You may avoid these problems:

1. Extreme Dryness

You must have noticed that your hair tends to get extra dry after 2-3 days of washing your hair. Have you wondered why? Or you might’ve heard people recommending you not wash your hair daily. The reason is simple: the shampoo that is gradually ripping your hair of the extra moisture. 

2. Grey Hair and Colour Fading

If you have color on your hair, there are a few special steps that you have to follow or products you have to use to let the color stay. If you are noticing that the color tends to fade faster the reason might be your shampoo. 

3. You buy bottles of Shampoo too often

This is an obvious factor that you often ignore. You have to spend a lot on these expensive bottles of shampoo because of how frequently you use them. You may save a lot of cash by using this simple trick. 

dilute shampoo

4. Dandruff

Another major concern of using shampoo frequently is that it not just makes your hair dry and lifeless but also your scalp which gives way to dandruff which is very difficult to get rid of.

5. Your hair looks good only for some days

This could be a reason for you to shampoo your hair often or daily because your hair only looks good when you just washed them, but tends to lose the look soon. This is because your shampoo is making your hair dependent on it to make you use it often. 

If you have observed these issues and don’t know why you can now blame it on your shampoo. Since we can not entirely discontinue its usage, we can follow this simple trick of diluting shampoo to control them from growing. If wondering how you can use the trick of diluting shampoo, you can use this step-by-step process. 

How to dilute shampoo?

The good thing is that you no longer have to go buy the biggest bottle of shampoo that is available in the market, or run to the store every other day to get yourself a shampoo, all credits to this simple trick of using dilute shampoo. 

We are certainly not new to this, as we must have used this in desperate times when we have only some amount of the product left and we filled the bottle with some water to have enough to wash our hair. 

dilute shampoo

If you hadn’t noticed it then but it worked completely fine for you, isn’t it? The next time you are in a similar situation, observe the difference in your hair after using dilute shampoo. Then you can refer back to this and agree. 

The procedure we used then, might not be the correct way as we used a lot of water and made it extremely diluted. You need to do the below mentioned to get the right measurement. 

To make dilute shampoo, you can either use the already half-empty bottle of your shampoo or divide your shampoo into two different bottles. If you are not sure about this you can do this more simply too. 

All you have to remember is to take equal amounts of water and shampoo to make it the right amount of dilute. The amount of shampoo that you are using currently is very dense for your hair. To make it milder, you need to dilute your shampoo

After mixing equal amounts of water and shampoo, you should apply it directly to your roots and not to the lengths of your hair. According to many doctors that is the reason why your hair is drying out so fast and also the reason behind the color fading. Your roots need the dilute shampoo and the rest of the hair can need a conditioner. 

If you want to go all out and have yourself an at-home French hair spa experience you can even use a wide-toothed comb to evenly distribute the product all over the scalp. This way when you wash your hair, you cannot overpower them with shampoo. 

After washing your hair with a dilute shampoo, you can use a conditioner and then let your hair air dry. You can observe that not only does your hair feel and look great but your product lasts way longer than it used to before.

dilute shampoo

This way you are not just protecting your hair from the damage of harsh shampoos, but also save your pocket from spending a fortune and wasting it on a product that is not doing its job.  

The conclusion is that you do not need that much product to wash your hair no matter what the advertisements say. It will affect your hair, but here you have a simple solution to keep using your favorite shampoo and also save yourself from its harm.