Delhi is an awesome place to hang out but sometimes it feels like running away from Delhi during the summer season. It drains out all the energy at this time of a year. Delhi’s heat scares the hell out of a person. 

Delhi in Summer is very exhausting. One can’t go to any place freely. Is it with you too that, during summer, you get irritated by one or the other way? And the reason for irritation is the awful Delhi summer temperature. You are at the right place if you are searching for special Delhi summer tips to deal with the harsh heat. 

Why Is Delhi So Hot In Summer? 

Delhi experiences massive heat during the summer season. Thank God, that Delhi is free from humidity. It has a dry atmosphere. Yet, people suffer and struggle to cope up with the heat, as Delhi is gifted with loo, the hot wind that blows from Rajasthan. This hot wind gives the feeling of an enormous oven. 

This page has the easiest and the most effective hacks to save you from the scorching days. Without ado, scroll down and get all your questions resolved on ‘how do you beat the summer heat’!

Here are Few Delhi Summer Tips

Here are some of the most effective tips to sustain summers of Delhi 

1. Stay Indoors

Stay inside your residence or step outside only when it is necessary. Even though this slogan is used for COVID 19, it is applicable for the summers in Delhi too. The heat is on. Delhi ki garmi will suck out all the energy from your body. So stay away from the direct UV rays especially during the peak hours. 

You can absorb Vitamin D in the morning hours. From the time when the sun rises till 9 A.M is enough for the vitamin. However, try and avoid the sun rays after 9 A.M till at least 4 P.M. During these peak hours, the rays of the sun remain very strong and harsh. 

These brutal rays will damage the texture of your skin and can cause massive sunburn. Studies have said that these UV rays are also a reason to cause skin cancer. Hence, stay inside your home or your office. 

2. Make Fluids Your BFF

Dear friend, always remember to keep yourself hydrated. Water is very important to people in every aspect of life. Irrespective of the season, water or any form of liquids, is beneficial for health. 

Keep yourself hydrated all the time especially during the unbearable summer season. Best way to hydrate is by drinking an average of 5 to 6 litres of water daily. Fluids will provide you with enough strength to beat the heat.

Delhi Summer Heat
Delhi Summer Heat

Plain water is nature’s blessing and the true essence of life.  When you are thirsty and need something to drink, trust me, girl, plain water does the best job amongst all. But if you wish to play with your fluids, here are few tricks.

Lemon water: a simple way to give a taste to your water is by simply adding a slice of lemon into your glass or bottle of water. Add a pinch of salt if you like and there you go, you have perfect lemon water at home. Try to avoid sugar. It does no good for your health. Lemon juice without sugar cuts body fats and clears skin.

Delhi Summer Heat
Delhi Summer Heat

Shakanji: You can experience the real fun of Delhi’s summer only when you have a glass of Shikanji. It is like the most delicious juice at a very reasonable rate. A glass of Shikanji will chill you up and kill your thirst.

Fruit juice: During summer, avoid street food and grab a glass of street juice. It is available in every corner of Delhi.  Wherever you go, you will always come across a juice vendor. Apart from that, you can also make fruit juice at your home.

Delhi Summer Heat
Delhi Summer Heat

3. Eat More Fruits

Instead of oily and spicy food, switch to more fruits. Watermelon is a great source of liquid to our body. Fruit will provide you with enough nourishment to survive this intolerable summer. Don’t ditch your staple food, just reduce the amount of oil and spice in your meals. And increase the number of fruits you intake. 

4. Transform Your Wardrobe

Give a complete new make-over to your wardrobe. Set aside all your clothes of different material, and collect a couple of cotton clothes. Cotton clothes are a real lifesaver during the summer. Also, prevent wearing any tight clothes. Let your body breathe. 

5. Choose Light Colors

Do not wear dark colors. Summers are for the light colors. Wear soft and light-colored clothes. It will make you look fresh and will also make you feel fresh. Dark colors absorb more heat than compared to light, soft colors. 

6. Summer Accessories

Add a few accessories to your wardrobe which are actually quite fashionable. Some will make you look classy, whereas some will give a trendy outlook. Fundamental accessories are a pair of sunglasses, a variety of scarves, umbrella, etc. Cover your entire exposed parts of your body with scarves. Grab an umbrella whenever you step out of your house. 

Delhi Summer Heat
Delhi Summer Heat

7. Add Sunscreen To Your Routine

Never ever forget to apply sunscreens. Apply a sufficient amount of sunscreen whenever you are about to expose to direct sun. Also, apply the sunscreen 15 to 20 minutes before you go out. Let it set into your skin properly for better protection of your skin. 

8. Travel By Car Or By Metro

While travelling, use the air conditioner. Delhi during summer blows hot winds. The Loo of Delhi burns the skin and sometimes makes it difficult to breathe. So use any vehicle that has AC on it. Travel lavishly without facing the Delhi summer temperature.

Even though summer is very brutal in Delhi, we all love the environment of this incredible place. Try and adopt these above mentioned Delhi summer tips and enjoy the season. Wherever you travel, always carry a bottle of water to drink. 

The pleasure which a bottle of water provides, a cone of ice-cream will not be able to do the job. With these strategies, you will eventually end up loving the summer season.

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