Delhi CM’s Drive To Sensitise School Students To Respect Women

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Simran Lakhina
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Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has recently announced a plan to curb crime rates against women in the capital. All government and private school boys will now have to take an oath that they will never misbehave with girls and shall always respect them. All the boys in schools will be taught to never violate a woman’s dignity. 

Addressing at a FICCI event, Arvind Kejriwal said,” We have decided that in all Delhi schools, including private schools, a pledge will be administered to the boys to the effect that he will not violate any girl’s dignity”. He also said that the practice of taking a pledge will be repeated from time to time. The intention of this practice is unquestionable. It is to bring a change in the condition of girls and women in general. This will create a moral pressure on boys so they do not misbehave with girls.

Adding to the oath practice Arvind Kejriwal also said that girls at schools will be asked to talk to their brothers at home and ask them to never indulge in any wrongdoings with any female. Even mothers will be asked to talk to their sons and teach them the values of respecting a girl and her dignity. A conversation on rape, molestation, and crimes against women are to be discussed at home in order to bring a change, as suggested by Delhi CM.

 “We have to speak to our men with an open heart about what is happening and why it is happening. We also have to make them understand that if this happens to their mothers and sisters then will they be able to tolerate it?’ Kejriwal said. This is CM’s way of emotionally curbing the problem Delhi women go through. By doing this we might be able to change the mentality that our boys live in. 

Detailing the steps taken, the Delhi government is also trying to bring a change in other aspects as well. To make the capital safer, three lakh CCTV cameras are to be installed and two lakh street lights will also be positioned on the darker streets in the capital. Thirteen thousand marshalls will also now be visible on Delhi streets and public transports. 

Taking a look at the bigger picture, can oath-taking serve as the serious issue that Delhi women are facing? Does this huge problem deserve a small practice in schools and that ends the duty of the Delhi government? Is it enough? It is important for the authorities to realize that the corrections are being made at the wrong place. 

Oath-taking can not make a child learn gender equality. It is also important to develop a respectful attitude towards the opposite gender. This practice as implemented will also raise a question on innocent souls and will also develop a sense of self-questioning. It puts a question on every boy’s character which is not ethical. This is clearly not a solution, it will just creating gender sensitization in the young minds of our country’s children. We are supposed to repair the evil mind of those men doing wrong to women and not bruise the innocent ones.

There is so much more that can be done, first and foremost be sex education in schools. Making kids understanding about their bodies can help in directing their ‘mental depravity’ in the right direction. It is much more than taking a mere oath. We need serious measures to stop men from committing atrocious crimes.

The recent happenings of brutal rapes have rocked the nation to its very core. But it’s even scarier to see that our government doesn’t seem to have a concrete solution to this problem. The problem that has stigmatized our nation on a global level deserves serious measures.

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