Fashion is about more than looks. It is a feeling, a way of expressing yourself in Date The Ramp way you want. When a dress calls out to you and you just have to put it on, just looking at the colours against your skin can make you feel magical.

But often, the perfect dress exists in the magazines and on the television and all you can do is sigh wistfully as you wish you could somehow get the chance to wear it just once, too. Balancing fashion and pricing can be a bit of a challenge, especially when most of us are trying to juggle our daily expenses with it, too.

Is your dream dress out of your budget?

Sometimes, even if you get the perfect dress, you may not get the chance to wear it, except for on special occasions, such as weddings, celebrations, etc. And chances are, you probably want unique outfits for each of these occasions because repeating the same one may not sound appealing to you. Thus, thinking realistically, you may end up compromising on your wishes and deeming it as impossible.

What if there was a way to dress in that perfect outfit, just for one occasion, at a much lesser price? What if for the cost of purchasing the one outfit, you could instead try out multiple ones for different occasions? What if you could feel the spotlight on you as you walk down in your glamorous dress, just as you deserve?

This is where Date The Ramp, the designer rental platform for all your favourite dresses and accessories, comes in!

What is Date The Ramp?

Date The Ramp is an Indian fashion rental service that was started back in 2017, first as an online service, now with retail stores and experience centres it certain cities.

Date The Ramp founder, Chinmoy Panda, states that the whole idea behind the service is to make designer fashion accessible to everyone so that people get to the one-time experience without worrying about the maintenance. The point is to promote fashion sustainability and sharing between a community, making it much more than just a business for the sake of profit. 

As in the words of the Date The Ramp founder, the service considers the needs of its clients and aims to make it a comfortable experience for all parties involved. Wih free adjustments made as per the client’s needs to no charges for accidental damage, all of this is included within the total Date The Ramp price range with no extra cost needed. 

Date The Ramp
Date The Ramp

With thousands of hand-picked styles amongst a growing collection of numerous styles which include both Indian and global designers like Amit GT, Anushree Reddy, Gaurang Shah, Jayanti Reddy, Mandira Wirk, Manoj Agarrwal, Nikhil Thampi,  Rabani and Rakha, Rahul Mishra, Reynu Taandon, Ridhi Mehra, Vikram Phadnis, etc, among many others. 

In fact, there are styles of gowns, lehenga, sarees, Indo-Westerns, jewellery, clutches and others, from over 100+ designers available, which means that there will surely be something to your liking. And the best thing? It’s all authentic. 

With such a caring team at work, Date The Ramp is set to be one of the best designer rental platforms that seek to be available for everyone. 

How does Date The Ramp work?

Well, for one, the service can be used through the comfort of your home, by accessing their website, making it extremely convenient. Date The Ramp is exclusive for its members because the platform finds that better relations, as well as trust, can be maintained in that way.

So, after visiting their website, you first need to apply for a membership, after which their team will go through your profile and accept you, depending on their criteria. There is no membership fee and as soon as you are accepted, you can begin browsing through Date The Ramp. 

Date The Ramp
Date The Ramp

You can book dresses and accessories online, as early as three months and as latest as two days before you need it. After you book it, you will be called by their stylist within a day and will have to inform them about your measurements, according to which alterations will be made.

The service considers your needs to the extent that while delivering they will usually give dresses in alternate sizes too, so you can choose the one which fits better. There is no extra cost charged for the alterations made.

You only have to pay after you have tried the outfit and found it to fit well. This means that in case it doesn’t fit you, there is always the option of returning it on the spot.

You get the outfit on your chosen date and get to keep it for a period of 3 days. The outfits are ironed and cleaned before they reach you, and they even come with information about the designer inside the box, ensuring that there is no chance of replication. All products are directly sourced from the designers. Date The Ramp reviews often talk about their satisfaction with this aspect of the service, because the platform genuinely cares for the wishes of their clients.

When Chinmoy Panda, the Date The Ramp founder, initially created the service, it was an online platform. But now, it has flagship stores in Mumbai and New Delhi, along with Experience Centres and other stores in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Lucknow, and Ludhiana. There are plans to set up stores in many more places, as the service continues expanding.

The address of these is only known to the members and only they can access the exclusive collection. Thus, not only do you get a good deal, but you also get to be part of a special community connected through these dazzling experiences.

For further questions, Date The Ramp has its own FAQ section on its website that aims to clear all your doubts.

What is the Date The Ramp Price Range?

The standard Date The Ramp price range of the products is somewhere between Rs. 4000 to Rs. 60,000, which is much more affordable when compared to the actual product cost. You only have to pay after the delivery, when you have tried and found the dress to your liking.

You may also be asked to pay a security deposit when you place the order, but this money will be refunded to you within 72 hours after the pickup. Within the normal price, you can keep the dress for 3 days. But in case you need to extend it, you can do it at the cost of 10% of the rental price for each extra day. 

You may be asked to pay shipping fees, depending on where you are located. As of now, the service is only available in certain cities, but if you really want the product even if does not deliver to your place, you can contact Date The Ramp, to discuss any possible options. There is no damage fee charged in case there is any accidental harm to the product because the service extends a certain amount of trust to the clients. 

So, should you use Date The Ramp?

As good as everything sounds, ultimately, the choice is up to you. The website provides you with all the necessary information, even giving you the option to contact them for further queries. Thus, they do what they can on their part to maintain as open a relationship as possible.

Date The Ramp Price Range
Date The Ramp Price Range

In the end, the ball is in your court. Before making a decision, you can contact the service and go through the many Date The Ramp reviews available online, to see just how satisfied past clients have been. Looking at people’s pictures in their chosen outfits can give you more confidence in giving Date The Ramp a try. 

Remember that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, so just because one type of dress doesn’t compliment you the way you want, doesn’t mean nothing else will. There is an endless collection at your hands, for you to try as you like, just so you find something that makes you feel bright and beautiful.

It’s okay to be hesitant, it’s okay to be nervous. Keep in mind that you can always start with something cheaper and move along as you grow to trust the service more. The most important thing is for you to feel comfortable with yourself. 

The next time you have a wedding or a special function to attend, consider Date The Ramp Even you deserve to feel like the model walking under all the glowing lights. After all, it is your body. If you don’t spoil and pamper it, who else will?