There is something magical about bicycle rides that to when cycling can hit a woman's love life. The gentle rhythm of the spokes caught inside the tires, rolling down the long road, two rotations at a time. The sky stretching wide ahead of you, welcoming you in its soft, blue embrace. 

The wind running through your hair, caressing the bags under your eyes, undoing the day’s exhaustion from your muscles. The world suddenly seems so big, just waiting to be explored in your time.

A cycle is an eco-friendly, mobile, affordable and convenient mode of transportations. Cycles can accommodate your commute, weekend explorations and even your thrilling adventures on rocky terrain. 

They allow you both a comfortable journey and a touch of surrounding nature.

If all those facts aren’t enough to make you curious about cycles, then we have more interesting for you. Did you know that there is a special connection between cycles and women? Bicycles can be especially beneficial for women’s health but they also carry certain risks. Today, we are going to tell you about how cycling can hit a woman’s love life and how you can be safe in your two-wheeled travels!

Effects of Cycling Can Hit A Woman's Love Life

Effects of Cycling
Effects of Cycling

The link between bicycles and biologically male bodies has long been discussed. Long hours of cycling, especially in certain positions, has been linked to numbness in their genital areas, which can affect sexual potency. However, the same research has been lacking in terms of biologically female bodies. Recent studies have shown that cycling can also affect female genitalia. The pressure on the lower region due to sitting on the saddle can lead to nerve compression.

This study of 875 women from Australia, Britain, America, Canada and New Zealand, regarding bicycling, reported symptoms of ‘numbness’ which are linked with ‘a modest increase in risk of sexual dysfunction in women’. It is primarily dependent on the alignment of the saddle and the handlebars. When we cycle, we lean forward for support. The more we lean forward, the more the pressure increases on the pelvic floor, particularly the soft tissue area between the vagina and the anus, called the perineum. And when our handlebars are lower than our seats, we tend to lean in even more. 

Scientists from the University of California, San Francisco have noted that women riding bicycles with drop handlebars are at even more risk. However, this doesn’t mean that cycling can hit a woman’s love life and desire for physical intimacy negatively. It only means that there needs to be more awareness about this so that more comfortable and safer cycles can be manufactured. More research along with tests will ensure that a better and woman-friendly design will be developed.

Also, a woman’s sexual health may or not be directly related to her love life. Many women enjoy an active sexual life without a partner, through masturbation or through non-romantic partners. Even if you are not on the sexual attraction spectrum, looking after all parts of your body is necessary, because they affect your overall well-being.

Discussing women’s sexual health out in the open is often considered taboo. But it is essential to form learning spaces where women of any biology feel safe to discuss their bodies and health. We need more research and more informative media regarding this. Designing better bicycles is just one small step in the process. After all, the wrong kind of cycle must not get in the way of the benefits of cycling for women.

Is Cycling Good for Ladies?

Cycling Good for Ladies
Cycling Good for Ladies

Yes, cycling can be especially beneficial for women. It can soothe the mind, body and soul. It can lead you towards a healthier lifestyle overall. This is why it is important to use safety equipment to ensure that there is no long term negative effects. Doing this will ensure that you reap the following benefits of cycling for women:

1. Can Improve Body Health

As long as it does safely and while respecting your body’s limit, cycling can be a great form of exercise, ranging from both low-impact to high-impact. It puts your muscles to good use and can help build stamina. It builds immunity and also improves digestive health. Cycling also reduces the risk of osteoarthritis, heart diseases and might even reduce the chances of breast cancer! 

2. Can Improve Mood  

Any kind of exercise makes the body release happy endorphins, which alleviate your mood and ease your stress. Cycling, in particular, allows your body to release these joyful hormones at its own pace. It can also make you feel more confident as you set cycling milestones for yourself and complete them in your time.

Cycling is also a great activity to do with your family, friends or partners. You can all go cycling up a nature trail, or down open roads while talking and laughing together. Such a community-building activity can surely cheer you up and make you enjoy it even more.

3. Gives Be Enjoyed in Any Setting 

Cycling can be enjoyed in many spaces. You can benefit from cycling indoors, on a stationary bicycle inside a gym or even your home. On the days when it is raining, or the traffic is bad, indoor cycling allows you to work your body without having to inconvenience yourself.

Or, you can cycle outdoors. You can go for weekend trips around your neighborhood, or inside a park. You can even take your cycle along to holiday trips, by simply fitting in inside your car, if possible. Or, there are always cycles available for rent in tourist destinations that allow you to access the place on swift wheels.

Cycling outside lets you bask in the goodness of nature. It also gives you a healthy dose of Vitamin D. You can easily make cycling a part of your routine by simply cycling down to the grocery store instead of walking, or to the movies, etc. 

4. Can Improve Sexual Health 

Cycling can hit a woman’s love life in a good way, too and increase sexual drive! Cycling improves cardiovascular health and limits the release of stress hormones, which can in turn leads to easier arousal. Cycling is also a great way to remain in touch with your body. As you cycle, observe how various parts of your body align for one simple movement. Your feet pedal, your hands hold the bars, while your torso leans in or sits back to aid the speed and control. 

Your breathing and heartbeat are rhythms in since. And your eyes and ears take in the world all around you as it passes. When you become more aware of this, you will feel more intimate with your body. This will make it easier to recognize a desire for physical intimacy with another person and make you feel more in control of your actions, be it for sex or anything else.

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5. Leads to Good Rest 

Cycling engages your mind, body and core, leaving you fulfilled and tired in the best way afterwards. This pleasant sense of efforts having been spent well leads to better rest. It can lessen agitation and restlessness before bed. Cycling improves your sleep patterns. When you hit in the bed after a cycling day, your body will be ready to just fall asleep and recover the used energy so that it can experience tomorrow with full spirit! Thus, there that there are several health benefits of cycling for women and they can be utilized in so many ways.

Link between Bicycling and Feminism 

Bonus: did you know that there is a solid link between bicycling and feminism? Around the 1890s, a bicycling craze swept over Europe and America. This had an impact of women’s rights because bicycles have women social mobility. They could navigate the social sphere outside of the private and domestic realm. They were more involved in the public sphere, engaging in communities, travelling to farther places and even cycling around the globe! 

It is important to note that this movement mainly benefited middle and upper-class white women. However, the bicycle was still an affordable start to a movement that would later grow diverse and intersectional in its approach. Thus, the benefits of cycling have been experienced by women from a very early period!

Cycling on the road to Happiness


Cycling can hit a woman’s love life in many ways, but proper precaution and care will ensure that the effect is positive overall. When you cycle, your body becomes an extension of the cycle and you realize just how hard it works to take you places. You also experience better mental and physical health. Plus, it makes for a very good hang out with your loved ones!

So, the next time you feel bored at home, consider taking your old bike on a ride. Get your feet on those pedals and set out with a spirit of exploration. The adventure can be anything — buying groceries, visiting a relative, getting take out — but as long as you enjoy yourself, then it has surely been worth it! 

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