Coffee tables could be anything you make it, from the dining table to a game on one! People always try a combination of decorating the same with flowers, showpieces, and all the obvious we see around. But it is never wrong to attempt some new and innovative experiments to make it look exceptional and not relegate it to the obvious. The little updates and experiments you might try with your table might give your hall a pretty updated setting look. 

The right decor can gain your coffee table the focal attention of your living room.  Here are the ways to style your coffee table that would make your coffee table look sassy, stylish, and simply beautiful.

Ways to Style Your Coffee Table

Before starting on the options to style your coffee table, here are the few things that you should keep in mind – what to do and what not to do while setting up the table. 

1. Keeping stuff of the same scale

While you try keeping stuff on the coffee table, keep in mind to maintain the size of the things you are about to put. Keeping a large vase with tiny books isn’t something that would be prettily suited 

2. Altitude, weight, and colors

As you are dressing up the arrangement, always look out that it does not look weighted. Tall items should be kept at the center. Also as you arrange, keep in mind the colors and the textures as both of the two play a great role in creating an aesthetic look.

3. Smart loading

If you eagerly wish to put in some books, showpieces, vases, and pieces of art on the coffee table and yet desire to make it less clumsy, try making use of the surface of the books to display the things you want to by making use of the flat surface of the books. Though don’t clutter them altogether, add a thing or two on each. Let’s now move on to the different innovative ways you could use to dress up various types of coffee tables, keeping in mind the colors and texture of your living room.

4. Light It Up

If you are a person who is a fan of simple and soberly creative ways, the best-suited idea for the creation of your coffee table can be to light up some candelabrum to get an elegant look that’s simplistic and sober at the same time. It shall look better if you have a vintage style kind of a living room that would add to its aesthetic appeal.

5. Display Your Art

If you’re a fan of art and masterpieces, why not try showcasing the best of it on your coffee table! You can always opt for keeping the art displays at your coffee table that would make your coffee table look artistically attractive and rich. Don’t forget to keep the same at the center and just add a piece or two as the more you keep, the messier it gets!

6. Flowery is fabulous 

Adorn your coffee table with fresh flowers for instant and naturalistic styling. Flowers are always loved and adorned. It comes in all colors and sizes and obviously with a beautiful fragrance. So, you can always go for this type of setting by choosing an appropriate vase for the flowers concerning its color and match with your living room’s space.

7. Meticulous Stack

If you are an avid reader who is passionate about books, well get those adorable books with pretty covers and you are all set to update the style of the table through the same. Try having books that have vibrant colors and following the table color. And you can also keep a small showpiece or flower vase to add to the beauty of the table

8. Accessorize with Sculpture

You might make use of the sculptural items you’ve got at your home probably kept at the corner table or glass shelf. Carrying a historical look, the sculptures might give your coffee table vintage and warm look with a pinch of antiques. 

9. Contrast Colors 

Contrast the color of the items you choose to put with the hue of your coffee table. For example, the table is white or neutral in color, go for bold colors.

Contrast Colors
Contrast Colors 

10. Go Green 

If you are not up for flowers and do not have the time to change the former, you go green! Some of the house green plants do not require water and sunlight which implies low maintenance. Set it up at the center for a natural and organic scene. 

Go on trying out these small things that could provide your living room a better, enhanced, and elegant look. Maintain the balance, the patterns of color, and the style through these awesome hacks as said.

The little things matter!

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