As of now, on 21 March 2020, the total number of coronavirus confirmed cases in India has crossed 300. As per reports, we are in stage II of coronavirus transmission until now, which is a crucial stage for our country. The number of positive cases is increasing gradually in India. The same is the case as well elsewhere in the world in terms of the increase in the positive cases. With the outbreak of coronavirus at first in Wuhan, China, and as it gradually spread around the globe, it has now become a fight to save humanity. 

People are going through screenings, tests, staying in isolation wards if found positive, and some Brave hearts are volunteering themselves for human trials of the coronavirus vaccine in Seattle at the moment. 

The curious case of people running away from screenings amidst the virus outbreak

The scenario in India is quite different amidst the coronavirus outbreak. As of now, you may have seen several reports of people hiding, fleeing from getting screened, fleeing from isolation wards or hiding their travel history, and even any suspicious symptoms. Now, when everyone around the globe is running to get help visiting the healthcare centers, and here, our people are hiding. I, myself was wondering what is happening and why we are acting this way.

Recently, a Kerala cop was removed from the service because he ran away from the isolation ward without completing his quarantine. Last Monday, 11 people suspected of the virus ran away from the hospital in Navi Mumbai; they were staying in quarantine wards.

A few days ago, a father, mother, and 24-year-old son hailing from Ranni landed in Kerala on 29 February 2020 after visiting Italy. However, they hid their travel history and avoided screening for the virus at the airport. In a more extreme case, a 35-year-old man who came back to India from Sydney jumps from the 7th floor of Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi after getting admitted to the hospital as a suspect of the coronavirus.

Why are these people acting in this way?

People fear rejection from society if they are found to be infected with the virus. It is brought to the light that the coronavirus patients or suspected patients are being looked down upon as virus spreading people.

Fighting the Coronavirus
Fighting the Coronavirus

Secondly, few people have uploaded photos and video clips on social media showing the recklessness and pathetic situation in the isolation ward. It is seen that hygiene is barely maintained in some of the health facilities which is not at all acceptable. The quarantined people have also complained of poor behavior by the staff and unsanitary situations in the isolation ward.

An Aam Aadmi Party MLA said not to blame the people who are running away from the health care facilities. Rather the government should concentrate on how to improve the quality of the healthcare facilities and make the stay of the patients comfortable as possible.

Due to such obligations, people shouldn’t run away from being in quarantine or from the screenings. Yes, it is hard to stay and adjust for two long weeks in a place where the hygiene is barely maintained or you are not being treated rightly. The thing is, it is up to us how we try to manage in such situations and how the government can make the situation in the isolation ward better as soon as possible. Running away will only increase the chances of everyone contracting the virus. 

The efficiency of the screenings should be monitored and optimized

It is a known fact that the number of screenings across the country in comparison to the population of our country is very less. Also, videos have been circulating on social media that question the quality of the screening done. Apart from the screening, the number of people tested is also significantly low in a country with 133 crores of people.

Fighting the Coronavirus together as a country

Prime minister Narendra Modi, in his latest speech, urged everyone to observe ‘Janta Curfew’ from 7 A.M to 9 P.M on 22 March 2020 to practice social distancing as a country amidst the virus outbreak. However, the government can adopt more effective steps to stop the virus from spreading or even impose strict charges on the people who are wandering inside the country who may be unknowingly spreading the virus. Most people in the country are in support of the Janta Curfew. In the meantime, some are spreading fake news on social media regarding this curfew that it will break the chain of infection pointing out that the life cycle of the virus is 12 hours.

Fighting the Coronavirus
Fighting the Coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak is a very serious matter and we should learn from the mistakes of Italy in this case. Practicing social distancing and following the preventive measures religiously is of utmost importance at this point to save our country from entering into further stages of the COVID-19. Lastly, a note from my side to everyone, please do not run away from the screenings or hide, this will only make the situation in our country worse and riskier.

Take care♥