For all the small breast beauties, do you know that you can make your breasts look bigger, without any surgery? You might want to wear those sexy dresses with cleavage, but couldn’t because of your smaller breasts. Well, whether it’s smaller or bigger breasts, all breasts are beautiful but if you want some cleavage to be shown in your tops, dresses, or anything you want to wear, it’s possible with breast contouring! What are contour breasts?

Breast Contouring is nowadays a popular way to fake a boob job using just makeup. Just like you contour your face to fake a sharp jawline or make your face look thin, you can also contour your breasts to fake a cleavage! Read on to find more about contouring boobs and how to contour your breasts! 

What Is Breast Contouring?

You might’ve heard the term breast contouring on YouTube or Instagram but what is it? Breast contouring refers to making your breasts appear more distinguished or in simple words bigger. Contouring is a term related to making up which you must’ve heard on various makeup tutorials. It is a technique that uses makeup to define, enhance and sculpt the structure of the face or other body parts like breasts. 

If you are tired of wearing heavily padded bras, it’s time to say goodbye to padded bras for good because you get an illusion of sexy cleavage with this amazing boob contour hack. You can contour your cleavage and get a fuller-looking bust instantly by just using some makeup products. No need for surgery for bigger breasts and will make you look sexy, so pick up your makeup palette and brush and begin contouring your breasts. 

Why Do You Need To Contour Breasts?

Fortunately, you don’t need any special contouring kit to contour breasts, your makeup supplies are enough to contour your breasts. Body contouring might sound a little intimidating but you don’t need many products to achieve a perfect breast contour look. So, what do you need to contour breasts? Well, being honest, just your contour stick, highlighter, and a blending brush and that’ll do all the magic. The simple contouring tools you use for contouring will work with body contouring as well! 

And if you don’t have an entire contouring kit because maybe you haven’t tried it before yet then you are good to go with a dark bronzer to contour and a glittery eyeshadow in place of a highlighter. The most important thing in this process is the brush for blending. Without blending your contouring will end up looking fake! Make sure you have a blending brush with you, do not try to do this with your hand, you’ll end up messing it up. 

How To Contour Breasts?

Contouring boobs isn’t such a tricky task. However, all you need is a little skill and a good blending brush to get it done. Don’t have the skill? Do not worry, we are here with a step-by-step guide to countering boobs yourself! It is not hard once you get a hold of it. Try it once or twice, you’ll get it! Here’s how to contour your breasts: 

1. Create Outlines 

create outlines
Create Outlines

The first and important step to contour breasts is to outline your breast with a contour stick. You can also use a contour pencil to do this. Use a contour stick or pencil which is a few shades darker than your skin tone. Draw a ‘V’ at the top of each breast. Tip: the higher you go up from your nipples, the bigger it will make your breasts look, make sure not to go too high as it will make it look fake. Now, draw a straight line from the middle of your cleavage area. Add lines on the top and bottom of your collar bones. 

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2. Do some Highlighting

Do some Highlighting
Do some Highlighting

The most fun part, highlighting! Taking a highlighting stick or a pencil will also work which is lighter than your skin tone. Trace lines underneath the ‘V’ lines and between the lines of your collar bones you made with the contour stick. You can also use a light contour cream. During this time, your breasts might look a little ridiculous but trust the process! 

3. Most Important – Blend

Most Important – Blend

Blending is important, so pick up your blending brush and blend the contour and highlighter. Make sure to do it in quick and circular motions. Preferably, use a large brush as it may help your contour look more natural. You can blend more using a makeup sponge. This will ensure there aren’t any obvious lines visible. 

4. Set the Contour and Highlighter 

The next important step to a natural-looking breast contour is to set the contour and highlighter using a translucent or pressed powder. Use a fluffy makeup brush to dust the powder over the contouring. Just like you set the makeup on your face to make it last long, using a translucent powder to set the contour on your breasts for longer.

5. Top the Contour with Even More Shimmer Powder 

Make your contoured cleavage look even more highlighted using a shimmer powder over your breasts. Adding shimmer to your breasts will accentuate your features like the top of your breast, your shoulders, and your collarbones as well.  Remember, highlighting is the key to showcase your contoured breasts. 

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6. Wear a Push-Up Bra 

To make your contoured breasts look even more extraordinary is to wear a push-up bra! Push-up bra will intensify the illusion you created on your breasts and you’ll see the difference after wearing it! This was all about contouring boobs and step by step guide to contour breasts! Big boobs in minutes, make sure to try it out 😉