Being in a relationship is a wonderful experience. There are not enough words for a couple to describe the feeling of being in love with each other. However, some relationships start good but with time some couples grow apart with indifferences making their relationship a tad bit complicated. In such situations, individuals start questioning themselves sometimes about their relationship. Should I leave him or her? Or I may find someone better? Going into self-analysis is both a good and bad thing, to be honest. Being able to make the right decision in a logical way is more important. 

Things to Consider Before Giving Up

There are very few relationships that turn out fine and the couples get their happily ever after.  If you are having second thoughts regarding your relationship, you’ve got to hang around here and go through this article to help you deal with the situation better. 

1. Is he/she the right one for you?

Relationships at the beginning are all about butterflies in the stomach, blushing moments. Then comes the honeymoon phase where couples can barely keep their hands off each other. It is such a romantic phase, isn’t it? Until this phase, couples are mostly blind in love. Thing is, this phase doesn’t last for long usually.

After this phase, it all depends upon the compatibility of the partners. For instance, if you are really compatible with your partner, you will be able to overcome any issues as a couple. Incompatibility between two people is a red sign for a relationship. Meaning? There will be too many disagreements and unresolved issues. 

So, the first thing to consider is compatibility with your partner.

2. Compromise in a relationship: Ok or not ok?

We should always keep in mind that no one is perfect and every person comes with one or two flaws. When we get into a relationship or desire to be in one, mostly we set unachievable expectations for our partner. So, what happens is when our partner doesn’t act as per our expectations we get disappointed and argue with them. 

All relationships require a bit of compromise because no one is alike with unique personalities. This doesn’t mean you have to compromise so much to make the relationship work that it makes you unhappy. If you think, there are too many indifferences between the two of you and it is not working out, then you know what to do.

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3. How do you feel in the relationship?

Do you have a fear of losing your partner? We all do, and it is natural to fear losing something or someone we love. But there is a limit to this fear. If you constantly fear that you will lose your partner or have ruminating thoughts about what your partner might be doing when you are not together. 

Or do you feel as if you are being pressurized or feel being suffocated by your partner? Neither of the two situations is delightful, is it?  Try to sort this out if you are feeling too much fear or you are being suffocated. To help you better, you can do one exercise. No, no, it is not physical exercise. This exercise is more like a mental one. All you have to do is think deeply about the pros and cons of the relationship and the side effects of leaving this relationship. 

Before Giving Up
Before Giving Up

The human mind is quite imaginative but when it comes to applying our imagination in real life, it always doesn’t work out. Similarly, if you have been in a relationship for quite some time now and rethinking your decision, you have to think straight and clear about its consequences. How much effect leaving your partner will have on you? Will you be able to handle yourself post-breakup? 

I’m not saying that you should stay back irrespective of all negativity in a relationship. Toxic relationships should always be avoided. All I’m suggesting is to share your feelings with your partner. Some may find it hard to express how they are feeling. But you have to get over this and share it with bravery. Talking with your partner is an essential factor for a relationship to be healthy. Communicating with your partner mostly solves half of the problems. Life is too short to spend with so much drama. Live life with happiness and with a bright attitude.

Take care♥

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