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Women love reading good magazines. Every woman must have subscribed to at least one magazine for a month based on one’s interest. If you are not a magazine person, you should start reading now. They apparently provide you with knowledge, entertainment, and lifestyle. A good magazine can change one’s living style in a great sense. In this write up we are going to help you choose from a number of magazines that you should subscribe to based on your interest. 

Fashion Magazines

If you are a fashion buff, you must have a couple of subscriptions to fashion mags. They keep you updated on the American fashion trends, what colors are trending, fashion according to weather, and who is worst and best dressed amongst celebrities. 



Vogue is a worldwide American fashion magazine that is quite a trendsetter in the fashion world. If a newly introduced fashion gets passed by Vogue, it becomes a trend across nations. You must have vogue subscription if you like to read about fashion or if you are in the fashion business.

Harper’s Bazar


It is again an American magazine that studies fashion till the core. They provide every knowledge from casual to couture. It is truly a style resource for women. 



Elle belongs to the fashion capital of the world i.e., France. Fashion starts in Paris and Ell is the carrier. It is one of the best-selling fashion magazines in the world. 


magazine subscription

It is the magazine that was published fortnightly in India. It nicely connects with Indian women is not just in fashion but in every aspect. Femina is truly said to be a woman’s window to the world.

Women’s Era

magazine subscription

Women’s magazine is one of the leading brands of Delhi Press Magazines. It has a wide readership for the women who follow the latest trends. It not only deals with western fashion trends but also spotlights Indian Fashion.


magazine subscription

Verve is also amongst the top fashion magazines available. It follows the latest trends and styles and perfectly serves the women who are first to buy the best. Their writers are quite an expert in jotting down minor details in fashion.

In Style

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Just as the name suggests, this magazine always stays in style. They are great in advising fashion trends and work differently from the mainstreams and that keeps their readers happy with them.

Dating & Sex Advice Magazines

Whether we are in love or have some questions about our sex lives, these magazines answer it all. We can always look up to these weeklies for dating and sex advice. What we experiment we can do in our emotional and physical relationship.


magazine subscription online

Glamour is there to answer all your dating and sex questions. This magazine is quite popular amongst millennials. They provide guidance, advice, and knowledge about what’s trending in the love world these days. 


magazine subscription online

For a healthier love and sex life, you need a subscription of Shape. It is one of the most favorites in erotica. They touch all your weird questions about sex as well. Quite a relatable magazine to have. 


magazine subscription online

Cosmo is said to be the god of sex and dating magazines. It is one of the most sold magazines in the world. They provide you with information on sex and dating that nobody else does. Buying a cosmopolitan is an addiction you will never regret.

Marie Clair

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Marie Clair is your best guide to sex life. From relationships to dating to sex and everything in between Marie Clair will tell you all about it. 

Best Health Mag

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It is a full package magazine that gives you information about all your relationships and sex queries. It is a decent magazine with all the required information on it. 

Celebrity & Entertainment Magazines

We love to read about our favorite celebrities. From what they are wearing to where they are going to how they are seeing, we wish to know it all. Gossip about celebrities is always fun to read and your best gossip provider is celebrity magazine.


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It is an American magazine that deeply touches the celebrity’s lives. They are the best gossip providers in the western world. People’s magazine tops the list of international celebrities magazine. 

Entertainment Weekly

magazine subscription

Entertainment Weekly is a modern celebrity magazine that will keep you updated on celebrities, films, and television. They also provide reviews on what watch and what not to watch. You need to have this on your shelf for your weekly dose of entertainment.


magazine subscription

Femina is an English magazine that is deep-rooted in Bollywood. It provides all the B-town gossip about newcomers and the veterans. Filmfare is the top-notch magazine for celebrity and entertainment news.



It is a multilingual magazine in both Hindi and English. It carries information about superstars, movies, music, daily soaps, and all the Bollywood updates.

Magazines are fun to read. So do pick a magazine for yourself based on your interest and enjoy it.

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