Have skincare queries? Dermatologist Dr. Poonam Patel is the way to go! The celeb dermatologist has clients ranging from television to Bollywood who come to glow their skin in her expert hands.

Dr. Poonam Patel is the lady behind ‘Look Lush’ a dermatology clinic that offers hydrafacial MD treatment and laser hair reduction with US FDA approved Machines.

The celebrity dermatologist who works for Slash Productions that manages all the exclusive contacts connects with the Voice of Woman to share with us about her experience and the most client queries she comes through.

Interview with Dr. Poonam Patel

Here the detailed interview of Dr. Poonam Patel

What is Dr. Poonam Patel a.k.a Celeb Dermatologist personal skincare routine like?

In my skincare routine, first I clean my face in the morning. After that, I apply some serum and hydrate with some moisturizer, and then I put on sunscreen. In the same way, I follow the night regime as well.

At night, I cleanse my face, then some retinol (anti-aging cream), and sometimes if I feel the skin is dry, then I put some anti-aging moisturizer. Right now as it is summer, I don’t put moisturizer at night. I cleanse my face and put on some retinol.

What methods and products would be recommended in the skincare routine at this lockdown time?

I will suggest that whatever skincare product is available in the lockdown you can use those. Like if you have an excellent face wash, you can use that. But you have to put sunscreen in the morning as it is summer.

Even if you’re at home, you’ll have to put on sunscreen. And during the night, in the same way, follow the regime. Everyone should follow a night regime like moisturizer and anti-aging, whatever you have.

If you don’t have any anti-aging cream with you, then you can put twice or thrice honey on your face. That is the best lockdown skincare method that we can do. 

How are you spending time during this lockdown period?

I’m spending my time very beautifully. I am giving quality time to my family, and I exercise every day, I don’t miss a single day of my exercise! I read lots of books, and of course these days I’m watching TV as well as Netflix and all.

What are the must-have beauty products that we will find in your bag always?

Everyone should keep a few products in their bag like- the first one is my favourite moisturizer and then the sunscreen, it should always be in the bag.

Another one of my favorites is lipstick; without lipstick, you feel dull. All women should keep at least one lipstick in their bag.

There are many misconceptions for Botox, some call it good, and some call it bad. What would you say about it? Yeah.

Yeah, about the Botox, lots of people have misconceptions about it. People think it is terrible but Botox is not bad, it just relaxes your muscles whenever we inject Botox.

When you smile you don’t get the fine lines after getting Botox done. The only thing is that you should inject Botox in the right place.

People have this perception that there are many side effects but there is no side effect if you are doing it properly in the proper quantity and at the appropriate place with a good hand then I don’t think it would give you any side effects.

What are the three things that a person should always do for healthy skin?

Three things a person should do for healthy skin- first is people should exercise every day. We should also drink lots of water; it is crucial for the skin.

And the third thing I believe is that we should follow the daily regime. That is something I suggest to all my patients; they should follow the morning and evening regime.

Everyone should follow the cleaning and moisturizing regime always. 

What are the two most preferred skin treatments in India?

Two most preferred treatments in India, one is the whitening- to have fair skin, and second, I believe is the anti-aging treatment in India. 

Breakouts and acne are regular in summers. What is the best way to prevent them?

Yes, breakouts occur in summers, and I think in summers we have to take a lot of care of the skin.

One should drink lots of water, and another thing is that everyone should cut down the sugar, which is the enemy of the acne and it is very bad.

So I suggest my patients cut down their sugar to control acne. 

Dr. Poonam Patel
Dr. Poonam Patel

What are your thoughts on the use of fillers and anti-aging products?

Fillers are again a myth. People think there are lots of side effects and all. For fillers too, if you are going to the right doctor, who has the right hand to implement the product, you will not get any side effects. 

What are the products/ingredients that one should stay away while caring for the skin?

There are few products in the market which are available over the counter, where the ingredients you need to see carefully before using them. Like in India, there is too much demand for skin whitening treatment.

Wherever arbutin or hydroquinone is written, you will have to use it according to the prescription. If a doctor prescribes to use it fifteen days or twenty days, of course, it gives a very good effect, but you should use it according to the prescription. 

You should always consult a doctor and use it. If you use arbutin or hydroquinone continuously you might get some side effects, so it is necessary to consult a doctor.

So we say that these are the few ingredients everyone should be aware of and everyone should check how much percent is there in the product.

If the doctor recommends 2% or less, then one shouldn’t go beyond the prescribed percentage amount. So it is essential that you always take care of these ingredients. 

What according to you is the most overrated skincare product?

According to me, the most overrated product is the skin whitening product. People are crazy about the skin whitening products, they just see its written skin whitening and they buy it. That is just overrated. 

What are the challenges you faced in your work, if any?

The biggest challenge I face in my work is the Google baba. Sometimes people, if they want to do a normal peeling treatment, they will just go on Google and search and they come with so many questions and wrong information. So sometimes Google becomes a big challenge!

Any message that you want to convey to the women reading this.

My message to all the women is always take care of your skin. Don’t neglect your skin if you’re 13 or 30 or 60 or 90. We should always take care of the skin.

I believe skincare is very important and just follows the following mantra which is my favorite – ‘First cleanse, hydrate and then protect, it is very important for every woman!’