Ever wake up in the morning, go to the bathroom and see your face? It seems crazy how red your face looks. Facial Redness can look annoying and ugly and people don’t want their skin to look that way. Redness happens due to various reasons, and in this article, we will discuss all the reasons and the remedies you can use to treat facial redness to get clear, supple-looking skin easily and effectively.

Causes Of Facial Redness

Countless things could contribute to facial redness, from lifestyle to the skincare products you use, to your health. Rosacea, genetics, allergy to certain skin care ingredients, heat, sun exposure, alcohol, spicy food, acne, dryness, or over-exfoliation can all lead to redness.

To figure out why your skin is red, visiting your dermatologist is the best first step in addressing the issue and ruling out any hidden causes. This will enable you to know that you’re getting to the root of the issue instead of treating the redness arbitrarily.

1. Acne 

 If you’re suffering from acne-related redness, you need to act on it quickly. See your dermatologist or use salicylic acid to get rid of it. After your acne mark has faded, make sure to include an oil-free hydrating cream to protect acne-prone skin from overly drying out without causing more acne.

2. Dryness

Dry skin is often damaged and compromised, therefore your skin becomes vulnerable to infection from microorganisms, thus causing sensitivity and redness. To stop dryness-related redness reduce the frequency of exfoliation and use moisturizer. 

3. Rosacea

Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin disorder that gives the face a flushed, red appearance. If you’re one of the people who suffer from rosacea, it is recommended to try prescription pills, over-the-counter rosacea pills, or consult your doctor before beginning a new regimen. 

How To Prevent Facial Redness

No matter the reason, chronic redness is inflammation, which causes tiny blood vessels to expand and push against the skin. Over time, your capillaries can even stay dilated and cause permanent redness. The best way to treat redness? Avoidance. 

  • Figure out what environmental and lifestyle habits are a negative impact on your complexion. Sunlight, tiring activities can be irritating to the skin and can cause flare-ups. Dodging spicy foods, alcohol, or coffee may help, too.
  • Limit any exposure to irritants. You are recommended to stay away from products that include peppermint, fragrance, parabens, triclosan, formaldehyde, phthalates, sulfates, alcohol, or witch hazel, that can cause irritation and drying, especially to sensitive skin. As an alternative, look for hydrating ingredients that will strengthen the skin barrier as well as provide a shield from environmental stressors. Peptides, ceramides, and hyaluronic acid will help to build a barrier for the skin, as well as products with calming properties, for example, Niacinamide, rose oil, aloe, and oatmeal will be of help too. Look for these products in your skincare shopping items and always moisturize your skin.
Facial Redness
Facial Redness

How Can You Disguise Redness

  • While adopting a custom-made skincare regimen is a great way to treat redness long-term, sometimes, you need something that works a little more quickly. If you’re wishing to cover up a red face, in the morning, you are recommended to start with a tinted moisturizer with SPF. Not only will it neutralize the appearance of your redness, but it will also reduce the flaring that comes from sun exposure.
  • To further hide redness on your face, you are recommended to go green. Meaning, products with a green hue help to color-correct lingering redness, making your skin look neutralized. Layer on a green-tinted primer before applying your makeup, and go for products packed with circa which help to soothe the skin and tone down the redness. Bonus: most circa skincare has its natural green tint!
  • The way you apply your makeup and skincare also plays an important role in decreasing or increasing the appearance of redness on your face. Always pat your makeup on your face, don’t rub it, as the friction caused while rubbing can increase the redness.
  • Using a damp beauty blender is the most effective way to apply redness camouflaging products. The wet sponge feels comforting and dabs it gently on the skin layers of the product nicely for natural-looking coverage. If you’re dealing with facial redness, avoid makeup brushes — the bristles can poke at the skin and leave already-sensitive skin feeling even more angry and irritated.

These are all the methods you can use to decrease the appearance of redness on your face. Keep your skin healthy and practicing proper skincare is the way to go for good skin. If you deal with excessive redness you are advised to see your dermatologist immediately.

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