Carving Out The Required Personal Space

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personal space
Isha Surabhi
An English majors graduate, former editor to two magazines, former Senior Content Writer to DU Times and a dedicated litterateur, for whom writing is the most aesthetic form of expression!

Why is personal space important in a woman’s life?

“Personal space” – Has one ever heard this term in a female’s life??? Rarely, right! That’s because we live in a society where the structure never allows us to exist freely. We always borrow someone’s ideas to validate our existence or endorse someone’s idea to validate our existence. And it’s no less than living a creeper’s life. 

The implication of invading personal space

But has the society ever thought what we women want??? The female gender has seen a whole era of revolutions with regard to their existence. The idea of working females, the question of equal status as men, the idea of women initiating in sexual intercourse, the notion of women coming out as queer.

But through all of this course and journey, right from Black Feminism to French Feminism, very little or say nothing has been talked of the personal space that a female should be given. 

The role of a woman in today’s society has always been more focussed on fighting for the basic rights that a separate carved out space still sounds like a luxury!!! And why shouldn’t it be? After all, the very idea of subjugating females was aimed at reducing females to the extent wherefrom they should never be able to get their heads out. And even if they muster the courage to do so, it should be negligible!

The notion of personal space in today’s society

The very notion of subjugation and the politics behind this word is about pushing the second gender to a crisis where it struggles for the most basic things. Because having personal space is something that lingers with the morality quotient. And morality is a luxury that one affords only when the basic needs and demands get fulfilled. 

So, there’s no reason why such a thing would be granted to a female! 

But, we as a female should always know where do we need this space. If you are the one trying hard to keep the family together, if you are the one puzzled about what you are in a man’s life, if you are the one wanting a break out of your relationship, or wanting to stay single for life….. you are searching for that required space!!! 

And there’s nothing wrong, there’s this one life and you are not there to sit back and be fixing elements in someone’s life. You can have your mood swings, you can have your perspective, you are eligible to want a different and unconventional lifestyle.

personal space

Mary Wollstonecraft, in her book-‘Vindication of the rights of women‘ quotes-” We females, are not here to raise someone’s overgrown child. “

We are humans first and then a woman, so never let any conventionality confine you within itself.

You can always have your alone time trying to figure out something, or wanting to spend some quality time introspecting yourself. It’s not always men who can have a day off of the office. It’s women who need to have a day off of daily life! 

At times life demands you to understand your needs as a human, to figure things out, to not be busy and baffled, shackled in the societal norms. 

Reach out to yourself, carve out the desired space and let the human within you breathe the freshness of life away from the patriarchal realm! 

Let go off the shackles… love yourself💚