We hear about people having journals for everything. In recent days bullet journals have become one of the most talked-about, in-trend journals that are bought by people all over the globe. Different people are talking about and preaching different bullet ideas for various aspects. Be it finance or daily meal plans, and there are various bullet journal ideas for anything you name. Bullet journal supplies have been popularized in recent days. 

So, what is a bullet journal? A bullet journal is a planner for the upcoming weeks, months, years, or even your goals. Big or small, we all have goals we want to reach, and we also have time limitations for certain goals. We tend to forget to work on certain things in our busy day-to-day schedule, and bullet journals help. 

Many formats can be followed when writing a bullet journal. Bullet journal weekly spread is one of the most popular formats as it requires you to plan every week, which is not too soon or too late. So, how to bullet journal? And what bullet journal ideas are the best? Read on to find out. 

Best Bullet Journal Ideas

Bullet journals are done for many aspects, be it daily meal planners or daily schedules. Usually, bullet journals for daily mean plans are done on a bullet journal weekly spread considering all the groceries bought for the week. Here are some bullet journal ideas for you: 

1. Finance 

Keeping a check on your expenditure and savings is important; here are some bullet journal ideas that will help with better management of your finance: 

  1. Pay all the bills on a single day and jot down the dates and the bills. Track all your investments 
  2. Make income tax trackers 
  3. Divide your salary in the 20-30-50 rule, where 50% of the salary is for needs, 20% is for your enjoyment, and 30% will be the savings.
  4. Set up challenges for yourself like spending lesser money on traveling by carpooling or buying things you need in bulk. 
  5. Make a note of what you spent and where every week or day. 
  6. Make sure you don’t spend extravagantly and deplete your savings, always jot down the status of your savings. 
  7. Keep a record of where you spend the most money and develop ways to decrease the expenditure. 
  8. Track your credit card and debit card transactions. 
  9. Make a list of things that can be sold which you don’t use anymore. 

When it comes to financing bullet journal weekly spread is the most recommended format. 

2. Personal Foals Bullet Journal Ideas

Everyone has different personal goals, whether learning a new hobby or catapulting your career. Making a bullet journal reminds you to reach your goals in the time you’ve given yourself. Here are some bullet journal ideas for personal goals: 

  1. Dedicate a complete page or two to one goal. Make points related to a certain goal all under that space. 
  2. Every day or alternate days, do something that brings you closer to the goal. Daily bullet journal spread, weekly spread or daily spread are the best formats. Jot down everyday things to do and make sure to complete them. 
  3. Make points of progress. 
  4. Jot down points of things that are holding you back. 
  5. Record time constraints because you weren’t able to do a task. 
  6. Make a list of your future goals or things you have in mind but don’t have the time to execute. 
  7. Note your strengths and weaknesses. This helps you work on your weaknesses and reach your goals faster. 
  8. Make a morning/evening routine to help you manage your time better and make you disciplined. 
  9. Small goals lead to bigger goals. Make smaller goals that lead up to the bigger goal. 
  10. Make points about your moods and how it affects your goals. 
 Personal Foals Bullet Journal Ideas
 Personal Foals Bullet Journal Ideas

3. Daily Planners 

These are exclusively to keep track of your daily activities and how to minimize productivity throughout the day. 

  1. Make daily meal plans after shopping for groceries every week. This cuts out the time spent on deciding what to cook. 
  2. Set up a routine every day and make sure to follow it. 
  3. Assign different times for different activities like laundry, watching TV, etc. 
  4. Take out at least an hour to exercise. Plan your day accordingly and write it down. 
  5. Keep a page each for all the activities you do throughout the day and track the progress. 
  6. Make separate columns to record your moods, and this helps you check up on your mental health. 
  7. Set up fitness challenges for yourself throughout the day, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator. 
  8. If you’re someone who struggles with food, note down what you ate, dedicate an entire page for food you are consuming. 
  9. Make notes of the things you need for the day. 
  10. Grocery lists, if you’re going shopping, is a must. Record your daily expenditure. 

4. Health-Related Bullet Journal Ideas

It is very important to keep track of your health, especially when working as a professional. What is a bullet journal without a health segment? Here is how to bullet journal to track your health: 

  1. If you take medications, note all timings the medication needs to be taken on. 
  2. Keep track of how you feel physically throughout the day. 
  3. Note down when you’re tired and try to find the root cause. 
  4. Make notes when you feel ill, write down the symptoms.
  5.  Jot down all the possible side effects of the tablets you take to analyze if what you’re experiencing is a side effect. 
  6. Write down health goals for the coming month or the year. 
  7. Make points of progress in your health. 

How often should you write a Bullet Journal

You can write bullet journal as frequently as possible, but it’s better when done consistently and with fixed gaps between each planner. Bullet journal weekly spread is the most popular as it doesn’t require you to plan every morning and just on the weekends. You can write bullet journals every day, every week, or once a year. 

Bullet journals also come in pretty colors and sizes. Bullet journal supplies have become one of the most selling stationery items. Implementing bullet journal ideas in your life can be a changemaker. Try it today!