South Asia is made up of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. Most of the clothes we buy and wear come from South Asia, and there are both high-end and fast-fashion stores in the area. In India, sustainable fashion is a big trend among young people. Everyone, from celebrities to fashion influencers, seems to be trying to get the word out about sustainable fashion. 

Because of this, it makes people more likely to care about the environment and buy clothes that don't potentially harm it. The fast fashion industry is very bad for the environment because it focuses on speed and low prices. But not many Indian designers are trying to make the fashion industry better, which is something that needs to happen. We are here with some of the best sustainable fashion brands in India. Therefore, read further for the list of sustainable fashion brands in India.

Best Sustainable Fashion Brands In India

1. Doodlage

Doodlage uses scraps of fabric from big companies so that they don't end up in landfills. They also use materials that are good for the environment, like organic cotton, corn, and banana cloth. A lot of the time, the brand works with other groups that have the same goals, like an NGO called Goonj. An NGO that makes reusable sanitary napkins for women in rural areas gets extra materials that the organization has collected in the past.

2. InSom

InSom by Sejal Jain is one of the best sustainable fashion brands in India that promises no waste and a method of making clothes that will last for a long time. The clothes are both stylish and comfortable. This company turns scraps, mistakes, and different textiles from large-scale organic fabric producers into wearable art. It makes fashionable clothes out of old or torn fabrics. The brand also helps keep a lot of unwanted fabrics from ending up in landfills. Its business model is a circle. They encourage production that doesn't waste anything and is suitable for the environment.

3. Nicobar

As India's urban youth travel more worldwide, it makes them want things that may help them reach their goals. They need clothes for both relaxing and going on necessary business trips. They also need travel gear to see and learn about the world and tableware that shows their global-Indian goals. Simran Lal and Raul Rai's new brand, Nicobar, is aimed at this market. The clothing industry is responsible for 10% of all global emissions. The brand puts an emphasis on using eco-friendly fabrics like bamboo, TENCEL, and modal. This brand does not use any chemicals or pesticides to make its products.

4. Chakori Ethnic

Chakori Ethnic wants to bring to the market the different designs and craft traditions of rural India. Chakori Ethnic's products have traditional prints like Kalamkari, Shibori, Hand block, Dabu, Indigo, and Phentiya. This company works with rural artisans and craftspeople to make fashionable clothes that can be worn for a long time. So, it is great for women who want to add beautiful sarees to their collection of traditional garments. These sarees look timeless because they are made with classic weaves and designs.

5. Ka-Sha

Karishma Shahani Khan started Ka-Sha in 2012. She was a graduate of the London College of Fashion. Since then, her work in fashion and sustainability has brought her a lot of attention and love. Her designs are easy to spot, send a message, and are made with sustainability at every stage, from designing to sourcing to making and selling. Heart to Haat is their label for making useful things from recycled and "upcycled" materials. They also ensure that their creators and co-creators eventually have the right conditions to work and grow as people.

6. Upsana

 Upsana is on the list of sustainable fashion brands in India and is based in Pondicherry, Auroville. The brand wants to use design to address problems in society and the environment, like farmer suicides, littering, and unemployment. They work closely with weavers and farmers and have ongoing projects that offer alternatives that don't make waste. In the complete collections, you'll find a wide range of dresses, from easy-to-wear ones with origami patterns to grand ones that look straight off the runway. The collection has soothing Ayurvedic textiles, organic dyes, hand block printing, and traditional crafts.

7. Anokhi

The next one is Anokhi. Anokhi has been around for more than 40 years and has stores all over India. It is based in Jaipur, also called the "Pink City." Anokhi does a beautiful job of capturing the spirit of artisanal textiles by selling dresses, tops, and pretty designs that are all hand-block printed. Putting Jaipur's handicrafts on display and making them available to the rest of the world has helped bring them back to life and keep them alive. Anokhi is known for making clothes that look good and are affordable. They do this by using vegetable dyes and natural fabrics like cotton. It is known for the way it brings back old textile skills. Their collections are always colourful and well-made.

8. Mio Borsa

Pallavi Behl started this company in Delhi. It sells modern, small, useful pieces for everyday use, like bucket handbags, crossbody pouches, and totes. On the other hand, these purses stand out because of the simple straps that are woven together. Mio Borsa, whose name means "my kind of bag," is exactly the kind of thing we were looking for. Mio Borsa can help you find a vegan leather alternative that looks and feels like real leather. The products from this local brand are as nice as its natural ingredient, pinate, an extract from pineapple stalks that gives a leather-like sheen.

It Is Not a Waste Until You Waste It

Like a cheeseburger, fast fashion is easy to get. It is quick and different, but it is also bad for your health. As ethical consumption becomes a global lifestyle trend, India has been at the forefront of sustainable fashion, which has given rise to a new generation of eco-designers. It looks like 2022 will be a good year for the best sustainable fashion brands in India. The most eco-friendly thing to wear is something you already have. If you need to buy something, try to buy from a brand that is as green as possible. Everyone must be aware of what they buy, starting with where it came from. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1. What Brands Produce Sustainable Fashion?

All the brands mentioned above produce sustainable fashion.

Q2. Are Luxury Brands Sustainable?

No, not all luxury brands are sustainable.

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