We truly believe that lingerie is the most important part of someone’s overall outfit therefore best lingerie shopping guide is equally important and it can either make or break your look. Getting your lingerie right is a task and you can surely do it with a lingerie shopping guide if you’re looking out to reorganize your wardrobe or pack for a spring trip. 

Right now, with the lockdown going on, you can’t go anywhere or do much, but try out lingerie shopping online for your future vacations. This would ensure that you have outfits ready beforehand and you’d save yourself from some of the last-minute hassles. 

In this article, we’ve provided you with an elaborate lingerie shopping guide that would help you to shortlist the kind of lingerie that you need. Some are absolutely essential pieces, while the others can be worn occasionally, on vacations. If you want to know more about online lingerie shopping in India, and the suitable lingerie for your body type, read along! 

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Lingerie Shopping
Lingerie Shopping

Best Lingerie Shopping Guide 

Here is the best lingerie shopping guide curated for you:

1. T-Shirt Bras 

Regular t-shirt bras are absolute wardrobe essentials that you can’t survive without, whether it’s on a vacation, or otherwise. A lingerie shopping guide has to have t-shirt bras. Get them in all the neutral colors: black, white, and nude or beige. These are the most common colors that can go well with everything. You can randomly slip in a basic tee over one of these and pair them with denim shorts even on a vacation, to look your casual best. 

 These bras can be padded or non-padded and your preferences depend on your breast size. If you’re on the heavier side, you should always go for the padded options because they keep your breasts in place and provide support. However, if you prefer the non-padded variants, the sides of the bra should be broader for a better fit. 

2. All Things Lace 

A lingerie shopping guide without lace products? Surely, not. Lace adds a very elegant and sexy vibe to lingerie and we’re all for it. If you don’t have anything in lace detailing yet, this is your cue to invest in one. Whether you’re looking for basic lingerie sets or doing uncensored lingerie shopping, lace has to be an essential part. You can buy solid-colored lace bras or bralettes for your springtime beach vacations. 

Lingerie Shopping
Lingerie Shopping

These pieces can be layered and styled in several ways for that perfect beachy vibe. The best part about lace underwear is, they look appealing even if they can be seen through cuts in clothes. Invest in good-quality lace undies for feeling comfortable and soft down there. These are best for the summer and spring seasons when you want your intimate areas to be able to breathe. Cotton lace panties and bras are the best for such cases. 

3. Strapless Bras 

When on a vacation, you’ve got to slip in one or two strapless bras to go well with your trendy dresses and tops. Regular bras don’t always go well with some outfits, especially when you’re on a trip. That’s when you need your strapless bras to make you look flawless. 

Strapless bras are the kind of lingerie that need to be well fitted, for the proper shape and support. However, lingerie shopping online can be tricky for some people, given the size factor. The most convenient way to get your perfectly fitted strapless bra is to be aware of your exact measurements.

 Invest in the basic colors first that can be worn underneath most outfits. If you’re in a mood to enhance your wardrobe or your vacation lookbook, check out the patterned ones.

 Wearing lingerie as swimwear and vice versa is quite common on holidays, and rather fun to style. Layering is the best method when you don’t want to put much effort and yet want to look stylish. Carry shrugs and kimonos, to level up your layering game and turn some heads. 

4. Uncensored Lingerie 

A respite with your special one surely calls for an uncensored lingerie shopping guide as well, which includes corsets, sleepwear, loungewear, quirky satin sets, see-through bodysuits, etc. 

Erotic lingerie has always been in demand, especially for couples and we’re all for how sexy they can make you look. Are you in for some personal time with your partner? Several uncensored lingerie shopping platforms have the most unique collections to spice up your vacation nights. 

5. Bodysuits 

The best thing about a bodysuit is, it is a single piece and you don’t need to invest in separate products. It’s a lingerie set in a single piece of clothing that’s extremely comfortable. If you don’t want your midriff or belly area to be covered, you can simply opt for bodysuits that have breathable cut-outs in the middle. 

They are available in a wide plethora of patterns and fabrics, and you can choose pieces that you’re comfortable in. Bodysuits can be styled as tops and paired with bottoms of your choice for a very structured and elegant appearance. 

6. Nipple Covers 

Nipple covers or body tapes don’t directly fall under the category of lingerie but a lingerie shopping guide is going to be incomplete if they’re not mentioned. Pasties or tapes are used when you wear tops and dresses that have no scope of wearing a bra underneath, and you just want to prevent your nipples from showing. 

You should always have a stock of nipple tapes and covers when you’re packing for a holiday for those fashionable clothes that you plan on wearing. These can be worn even when you’re not in the mood to wear a bra. Using these can be harder for heavy-busted women but breast tapes can provide support if proper methods are followed while applying them. 


We have talked about some lingerie essentials that you must have if you’re planning for spring vacation after the lockdown and provided you with a lingerie shopping guide to help you pick your favorite ones. An important aspect of online lingerie shopping in India is the availability of sizes but many brands and websites are becoming more inclusive with time and producing bigger sizes than they used to, previously. 

You just have to follow the size charts before placing your order. If your measurements are proper, you’re surely going to receive desirable products. Have you prepared for your lingerie shopping list yet? Get started already!  

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