24 Best Haircuts: For the New You!

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Whether you’ve just tied a knot or trying to reach up the corporate ladder or even trying to maintain the balance between your career and family, it’s never wrong to give some time to yourself, for yourself. Here, are the best 24 haircuts that could give you a fresh young makeover. 

1. Chop chop!

One of the recent yet classy trends in this time has been that of chopping your long hair off! Cutting away your long or mid-length hair has been fresh style giving a pretty young look

2. The blunt cut 

Are you tired of the thin hair or the hair loss you’ve gone through due to stress or tensions? Well, here’s the sassy cut you are looking for. The blunt cut gives an edgy yet pretty style to your face that shall make your features prominent.

 3. Wavy bob

If you have wavy hair and wish to experiment and transit your style, a short wavy bob could give you an edge over the same. While Bob is common, matching it with waves could do wonders for the style achieved. 

4. Professional symbolism

Young Women often prefer to have super long hair in their young age, but having short, mid-length could give you a rebellious and strong impression

5. Asymmetrical lob

If you don’t desire or plan on getting very short hair, asymmetrical lob is the best suited for your concern. 

This A line style is flattering as well as lovable. You could even tie up a pony if you feel too short of your hair.

6. Modern bangs

Modernize those bangs by asking your stylist to make it less blunt from sides. It provides you with various options to change it up: tucking it behind your ears, dressing up on one side, style it soft.

7. Long layers

You always have an option to not get the shorter version and still get a sassy haircut. Long layers of chopped right, long layers give you a mature and impressionable look.

8. Curly Cut

If you’ve naturally curly hair, you could happily go for that frizzy curly cut that might underline your beauty in a more pleasant way.

9. Collarbone haircut

The collarbone cut is one of the most versatile hairstyles. It’s neither too short nor extreme long and give you any look that is suitable on any outfit or style

10. Shags

Shags are quite popular and famous in today’s time. Giving a whipsy look, shags provide a casual yet fabulous look. Just with a few scrunches from your hands, or a blow-dry, you are ready to go out there.

11. Pixie 

Pixie is a kind of haircuts that could look good on all categories of ages. Getting it in your 30’s could reflect your bone structure. If you are someone who is a trendsetter and always looks up for something new and funky, this is the style for you.

12. Classic Bob

This haircuts ain’t ever getting older. It has been always in the categorization of stylish hair for women. Entailing a professional yet young look, classic bob cut has high maintenance albeit high standard looks.

13. Perfect length 

It is considered to be the most perfect haircuts that is mild and manageable to women. The perfect length exists right between the chin and the shoulders. It is mostly suited to the women in their 3o’s and 4o’s due to the elegant look it encompasses.

14. Classic lob 

The classic lob is as classy as well as captivating it could be to a women’s personality. Its simplicity and elegance win hearts. Women who wear glasses could surely play well with this cut.

15. Wavy lob with bangs

Wavy hair can be a choice for women who wish to have a stylish makeover that does not include simplicity. Wavy lob with bangs could be as modern as you wish it to be. Providing your neckline visibility, this cut makes  you look sexy,

16. Perfect straight

If you have already layered or even wavy hair that has been a natural, you could opt in for going perfectly straight hair that could give you an elegant and professional look.

17. Step cut

Always had those perfectly simple hair at same length? Try out for the step cut that enhance the style and persona of your face with prominent looks being highlighted.

18. Vintage curls

This haircuts is for those with long hair! Cut it off till mid length and curl it up like that in times of vintage. This cut could be as saggy as could be. Giving a royal vintage look to you.


19. Super long layers!

Don’t wish to cut off your super long hair? No worries. You shall try going for long layers that might help you with good accentuating look and make you feel good and prominent.

20. Side swept bangs

If you are a fan of your own long hair and yet feel to style it a bit, try side swept bangs that shall give you a sophisticated, sexy and cute look that shall shine all over.

21. Blunt bangs 

Blunt bangs are simply, in a word HOT! Blunt bangs are always in trend and super hot. While they might work with shorter length, it could also do wonder do the longer style.

22. Edgy & Longer

While it requires guts to take onto something that is funky, if taken into consideration the edgy haircut could be very cool, funky and gutsy at the same time.

23. U shaped straight

If you’re fond of simple and sober styles, and wish to change the least, u shaped haircut could be best fitted to you. It shall give a poised look from back and mature look from the front.

24. Flicks 

Can it ever get any older? If you are indecisive about any or every cut, you go for flicks. This should give you young and cute look that shall give you a 20 and fresh look.

So don’t forget to try on that you desire to have on you, for you. Break the boundaries and get what you wish to have!

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