We have all gone to the salon and come back feeling fabulous but with a tingling feeling of unease because of the amount that we had to shell out. But each time you catch your reflection in the mirror, or a friend or even a stranger gives you an appraising look or a compliment, all the money spent, even if it’s a bomb becomes worth it! So, check out the trending hair color in 2022. It has been proven that a person on average confides more to their hairdresser than a friend or family member. It is a very intimate relationship between a hairdresser and the client. 

In a recently conducted survey by HuffPost, it has been inferred that a woman on average spends 6 months of their life span in a hairstylist’s chair. Nowadays, a plethora of services are available in a salon, but – whether it’s getting new hair color styles or cutting or changing the hair texture- straightening, curling any service done on your hair is most perceptible by an audience. So it should be a trending hair color. Saloons nowadays frequently keep on updating their social media page with the latest hair color trends.

Best Hair Color For Indian Skin

Best Hair Color
Best Hair Color

Indians are genetically blessed with black-toned hair. It can get monotonous seeing a population of 1.3 billion looking alike. We, women tend to stay abreast of the new hair color styles & latest hair color trends according to our whims and fancies. Following are the best hair color for Indian skin. The entire color palette is now available to apply to your hair. Earlier, it was a more traditional choice, with women opting for natural colors – like different shades of brown or burgundy. Then came a phase, when inspired by the West, we started opting for blonde variants. Blonde is one of the most-opted and best hair color for Indian skin.

Trending Hair Color – Latest Hair Color Trends

But now, the millennial generation has started opting for a variety of trending hair color, like blue, pink, red, green and even grey (as surprising as it sounds). Many see it as a sign of rebellion. Women have often been quoted as saying, that they feel liberated post coloring. Colored hair requires a lot of maintenance, it needs to be touched up every 6-8 weeks, and also a lot of care is required like – hair spa, and oil massages, to enrich and strengthen the hair. Henna, a plant-based color, is often used to stain the hair and has been in use for centuries. With the onset of greys, women rush to get it dyed because we hate these signs of ageing. Some even color their hair at home, as it is easier on the pocket, but you need to be quite a pro, or the results can be quite disastrous. Many pics showing the trending hair color styles for both men & women are circulating across various platforms nowadays.

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Trending Hair Color In 2022

Here are the best trending hair color in 2022:

  • Hair Styling

A good hair cut can make or break your look. So, it is best to invest in a good haircut. A good hairstylist charges anywhere between 1500-2000 rupees, in some designer salons it is even more. Do not get shocked, because once those tresses are cut, you can’t change it for quite some time. So don’t compromise! And also always remember nowadays almost all parlors and saloons have their social media handle where frequent post keeps on coming like trending hair color, best hair color for Indian skin, new hair color styles and much more, the point is don’t just blindly follow it.

Trending Hair Color
Trending Hair Color

Trust your hairstylist, and it should be a collaborative relationship, and the result will be there for everyone to see. Nowadays women have started experimenting with their haircuts, going for even androgynous cuts.

Latest Hair Color Trends

Let’s shake up your look with a little color inspiration, shall we? 
Haircut trends on celebs (like Anne Hathaway’s shaggy bob and Camila Mendes’s shaggy lob—sensing a theme here?), now, a crop of hair-color trends are taking over your Instagram. And, spoiler, they’re all really good it’s already 2022, check out one of these 5 gorgeous and trending hair color shades:
Living Coral Hair
Glitch Hair
Lilac Hair
Chestnut Brown and Gold Hair
Inky Black Hair

Do experiment and give a fresh lease to your personality, as the options are plentiful. But also don’t just fall for any celebrity pic coming with the caption latest(hair color 2022 female and male) trends. It must suit one’s face look also. Every rupee spent on your hair is not money down the drain.

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