Must-Have Beauty Essentials For Your Office Desk Drawer

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Simran Lakhina
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We spend 8-10 hours of our every day 24 hours slot at our workplace. So many times it has happened that we come looking all glammed up and by the end of the day, we start to look like a slave. There are those days too when we don’t have time for our salon visits to get our regulars done. You must have these beauty essentials to keep at office so that you can just take a washroom tour and boom your look is right on fleek. 

Here is the list of essentials that you should have in your desk drawer at the office for a quick fix:

Beauty essentials to keep at office

  • Hairbrush or comb: Your overall look gets an amazing uplift if your hair is appropriate. At the office, your hair may get frizzy or oily at noon. So a brush down will make them prim and proper and will make your look fresh. If your hair gets oily then a bottle of dry shampoo is a must-have in your office drawer. Just a spray of dry shampoo will take away all the stickiness and will leave your hair looking fresh and clean for your next meeting.
beauty essentials to keep at office
  • Face wash or cleansing wipes: As soon as you step out of your house all fresh and clean for a new day, all the pollution and travel and the hectic day can make you look dull and out of order by noon. Especially in summers, your face gets dry, parched and dull while you are at your workplace. You should keep a mild face wash or cleansing wipes with you. A quick clean and then a good moisturizer with bb cream can make you look fresh again for a meeting or a coffee date after your day at the office is done. 
  • Face mist: Face mist is the magic potion you must keep in your desk drawer. A face mist will freshen your face in no time. It will hydrate and lift up your face. Rose is a good choice from a lot of face mists available in the market. Rosewater will make your skin soft, reduce acne and blemishes and almost all the skin problems you suffer with. It will not only refresh your face but your mood too. 
  • Love your lips: With air-conditioned offices and pollution and traveling, your lips may become chapped and dry. A little tinted lip balm is the next essential for your drawer. A little color on the lips just makes your look fresh and charming. That same product can be used on the cheeks like a blush too. You will be amazed to see what a little blush can do to your dull and tired face. 
  • For the eyes: The next essential for your drawer is a kajal and a mascara for the eyes. Kajal will define your eyes beautifully and a mascara stroke will make it pop open. It will not only beautify you but will also make you look wide awake for your next meeting. Use this tool and let your eyes do the talking. 
  • Germ-free: A good hand sanitizer is what we all need to keep our hands germ-free especially after the coronavirus pandemic. A bottle of hand sanitizer must be essential for your desk. Sanitize your hands, your phone, your laptop, and the toilet seat. A mini bottle of hand sanitizer should be a staple of your purse, work desk, car, and home. Use a hand sanitizer and play safe. 
  • Compact powder: When our makeup gets dull and the face is all sweaty, we need a quick fix. Dabbing some powdered foundation will fix your makeup and look. Invest in a good compact powder preferably with an SPF to make yourself look all charged up for the day. A compact powder is an extremely essential product for any woman. 
  • Mini perfume: You don’t want your co-workers to talk about your body odor on your back. A good smelling person always seems fresh and also leaves a great impact. The perfume we put in the morning usually fades away. Keep a mini bottle of your favorite perfume in your desk drawer so you are always smelling good. Smell good and feel good. 
  • Hand cream: From typing long hours on desktop and writing on the pile files, our hands and fingers go chapped and dry. Good hand cream with a beautiful fragrance is what you need to treat your hands. We have to shake hands at the office with many people so a good and soft handshake will leave a great impression. Hand cream is your next must-have in your desk drawer. 

The office is like our second home but in a formal way. We spend a good amount of time in the office with so many people around. We must always look and feel great. With all the above-mentioned essentials you don’t have to worry about yourself at the office. These items must be kept in your desk drawer for a quick fix at your workplace. 

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