Is Bariatric Surgery The Right Solution For Weight Loss?

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bariatric surgery
Suansha Bhatnagar
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Weight loss surgery is not considered as a very typical way of dealing with extra weight. Since specialists are aware of the various disadvantages of weight loss surgery that is why they suggest it in very rare cases.

There are many ways through which one can do for losing weight like exercise, maintaining a healthy diet, and yoga. However, weight loss surgery is always like going to extremes and one has to be aware of the various disadvantages of bariatric surgery before proceeding with it.

This is true that it is very important to maintain a healthy weight to lead a good and healthy lifestyle. Being overweight does make you susceptible lot of diseases and obesity. Obesity is itself a disease. Obesity is not only related to having more junk food which is not good for health and doing no physical activity. It is not only doing the physical activity but also psychological. Almost all doctors around the world have claimed that obesity is the first step or preface to many baneful diseases especially heart-related diseases.

Bariatric surgery is not very commonly advised as it has some serious side effects and disadvantages. It is only recommended by the doctor when your obesity brings you some life-threatening diseases such as heart disease, High BP, High cholesterol, severe sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes and stroke, and infertility. A doctor usually suggests weight loss surgery to an adult if their BMI (Body Mass Index) is either 40 or it is higher than 35 along with onset of life-threatening diseases. 

There are many types of weight loss surgery depending upon the amount of weight someone wants to lose. Bariatric surgery is a name given to all the types of surgery that helps you to lose weight. This article will lead you to the disadvantages of Bariatric surgery and how dangerous can weight loss surgeries be. 

bariatric surgery

Before getting into Bariatric surgery and its disadvantages in details there are few things you must know about the side effects of bariatric surgery:

  • Weight loss surgery is not cosmetic surgery. This implies that it does not remove any kind of tissue from your body. In fact, after weight loss surgery you may have extra skin also. 
  • Weight loss surgery comes with big changes in your lifestyle for a lifetime. 
  • It also comes with many risks and can even prove to be fatal. 

What is bariatric surgery? 

As mentioned, bariatric surgery is a collective term given to all types of weight loss surgery. There are primarily two ways by which surgeons operate to make you lose your weight. They are: 

  • Restriction: As the term suggests it restricts the number of calories a person can consume. The restriction is like a form of diet but in a surgical manner. By the means of surgery, it physically reduces the food holding capacity of our stomach. 
  • Malabsorption: Mal means something wrongfully. Thus, malabsorption is the way by which surgeons surgically shortens your small intestine so you are able to consume fewer calories. 

Also if we talk about different types of bariatric surgeries, so there are many of them such as Biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch (BPD/DS), Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty, Gastric bypass (Roux-en-Y), Intragastric balloon, and gastric sleeve. 

Among them, the most common surgery is the Gastric bypass. It is most common and is mostly preferred by the doctors because it has fewer complications than others. On the other hand, Gastric Sleeve surgery is one of the most complicated surgeries among them.

There are many disadvantages and side effects on the patient’s body of gastric sleeve surgery because in this surgery the small tools are used by the doctors to remove the maximum portion of the stomach.

Short term complications come from gastric sleeve surgery 

● Excessive bleeding and blood clots 

● Infections 

● Severe reactions of anaesthesia leaks from the cut on the stomach and lungs

● Breathing issues. 

Long term complications come from gastric sleeve surgery 

● Gastrointestinal obstruction 

● Hernias, Gastroesophageal reflux 

● Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) 

● Malnutrition 

● Vomiting. 

The good part is that all these complications turn out to be fatal in very rare cases. However, one should always look for such complications. 

Bariatric surgery side effects 

Some common side effects and disadvantages almost from every bariatric surgery are: 

  1. Dumping syndrome: A condition in which a person feels nausea and dizziness most of the time 
  2. Low blood sugar: Due to change in diet 
  3. Malnutrition: This permanently changes your ability to get nutrition from the food.
  4. Vomiting 
  5. Ulcers: It is sore in the lining of the stomach and small intestine. 
  6. Bowel obstruction 
  7. Hernias Acid reflux: It is a condition of having burning pain in the lower part of the chest.  
  8. Anesthesia-related risks: Some people can have serious effects on anesthesia.
  9. Chronic Dilation of esophagus 
  10. Inability to eat certain foods 
  11. Infection 
  12. Obstruction of stomach 
  13. Weight gain or failure to lose weight: Yes there is no as such guarantee. However, this happens in very rare cases. 
  14. Gallstones: It is formed in the gall bladder as these are the hardened deposit of digestive fluid. 
  15. Leaks in the gastrointestinal system

How dangerous can weight loss surgery be? 

Apart from many bodily side effects, bariatric surgery also has some psychological disadvantages. Bariatric surgery is not only related to having life-threatening diseases but at the same time about how someone looks after that. According to the many surveys, life after and before weight loss surgery is completely different and one cannot ever make it the same. 

bariatric surgery

As mentioned, surgery adds extra skin to you which makes skin look loose. Most of the women don’t like to look at themselves after the surgery. 

Lack of energy: After bariatric surgery, one always feels less energetic. This less energy only affects a person’s work or professional life but also his or her overall personality and relationships. 

People can have eating disorders after surgery. 

In short, weight loss surgery should be the last option for everyone. It is often seen how society forces a person to maintain a certain type of weight. This is especially the case of women. Women are always body shamed for having too much and too little weight.

Body shaming is a serious issue and it should be stopped. It is time that we look toward it sensitively. Keep in mind, one should maintain a healthy weight and your healthy weight can be different from others. Don’t allow society to decide your healthy weight.