With the fast-paced lifestyle of modern times, it’s a big deal to balance work and motherhood . The difficulty level increases if you’re a working mother, especially in a country like India that expects women to let go of their careers to embrace motherhood. Being a mother is a big and important step in one’s life but professional stability and satisfaction are equally important, if not more. Thus, time management for a working mother in India is an important subject that needs attention and we’re here for doing exactly that. 

Motherhood comes with a lot of responsibility, owing to the child’s health and well-being. You cannot neglect your offspring with the excuse of having a lot of work and neither can you keep asking for leaves from your boss to take care of your child. You’ve got to choose a lifestyle that ensures a balance between your work life and motherhood. We’ve listed down a few steps that can help you to achieve the right kind of balance if you follow them regularly. 

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Key Points to Balance Work and Motherhood

Here are the 7 ways to manage your work and your motherhood together:

1. Choose Jobs According to your Convenience 

Time management for mothers in India is a hard pill to swallow because employees here are often expected to work longer shifts for less money. Some jobs have very long working hours and that is not advisable for mothers. Choose jobs that have convenient work hours, which would enable you to take effective care of your child as well. Don’t make impulsive promises that might seem impossible to keep later. Make a routine for yourself and follow it, to keep a track of your daily to-do’s. 

2. Say no to Excess Work 

The key to acing it at work as well as being a good mother is to say no when required. A very important aspect of time management for working mothers in India is to be able to speak up and state your problems when you have to. Learn to prioritize. If you’ll not be able to work that extra shift or attend that additional meeting, just say no. Don’t work more than you’re supposed to because you have other important things to cater to, like your child’s health and education. Overworking would not just exert your body but also lessen your productivity throughout the day. 

3. Be Realistic 

The tips for time management for Indian working mothers include being practical and setting realistic goals, based on your lifestyle. You should set day-to-day goals that you’ll be able to attain by the end of the day. If you list down tasks that are not possible for you to do within the given time frame, you would end up stressing about them and overburdening yourself. That would not only hamper your physical and mental stability but also have an impact on your next day’s work. Thus, work only as much you’ll be able to work, per day. 

4. Sleep Well 

Sleep well
Sleep Well

Indian mothers tend to mess up their professional lives because they don’t focus on their health and compromise on their sleeping time. You have to realize the importance of adequate sleep if you want to be successful in whatever you’re doing. When you sleep, the muscles get rest and can relax after a stressful day at work. If the body is not provided with enough time to repair and rejuvenate itself before a new day, you’re going to feel tired and lethargic at work, the following day. Thus, time management for working mothers in India also involves adequate sleeping time. 

5. Multitasking is not a Good Idea 

Successful time management for working mothers in India won’t happen if multitasking is done. You cannot do more than one job at once. If you try doing too many things together, there are chances that you will mess up all of them and take more time to complete them than that they would require, if they’re done individually. Manage your time for the various things to do, throughout the day, accordingly. 

6. Take Occasional Breaks 

It gets stressful and exhausting to keep working and juggling between home and work,  constantly. To relieve some of the stress, schedule frequent breaks for yourself. This is a very crucial step, as far as time management for working mothers in India is concerned. Due to too much work and no breaks at all, they often let go of their careers that they’re fond of. Always remember, if you plan wisely, you would never have to let go of things you love doing. These timeouts are also necessary to let your mind breathe so that you’re able to abide by your routine, effectively. 

Take occasional breaks
Take Occasional Breaks

7. Stay Away from the Internet 

Social media is a great place to put forward your views concerning everything under the sun. However, it’s also extremely addictive. It’s vital to keep a check on your internet usage, especially if you’re struggling to manage your time. The more you get involved in social media, outside your professional boundary, there are chances that you’re going to neglect your responsibilities or get less time to cater to them. Time management for working mothers in India wouldn’t be as fruitful as it’s supposed to be if your time on the internet is not limited. 


While time management for working mothers in India is an issue that still needs to be talked about way more than it is, you’ve got to go ahead and be the change. You’ve got to take the first step for yourself because you’re not alone. There are hundreds of other women who are mothers and are extremely successful in whatever they do, professionally. If you truly want to find a way, you will. If time is managed properly, things become way easier on their own. 

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