Is your little one declining baby bottle? Does your little munchkin move their mouth away from the baby bottle the very moment you try to bottle feed them? Are you stressed right now because of that?

Being new to motherhood one might worry over issues such as these but the fact is, believe us, this case is a trivial one, hence you should stop worrying. Babies generally have a tendency to refuse the bottle, and you can see this happening with a lot of new as well as experienced mothers. 

If you have a little one who is declining baby bottle then the best you can do is to try and find out what are the reasons why your baby is avoiding the bottle. Binge here for a moment and get to know the possible causes for declining baby bottles and some solutions to tackle such situations.

Some of the reasons why your baby is avoiding the bottle maybe:

  • The baby has become so attached to the method of breastfeeding that he/she does not want to adapt to any other method.
  • They might not be liking the taste of the artificial nipple in their mouth or it may appear too foreign for them.
  • Least likely but, your baby might have had a negative experience with the bottle because of which he/she is declining the baby bottle.
  • The baby might be facing some health issues.

Tips To Feed The Baby With The Bottle

Now that we have analyzed the common reasons for your newborn declining baby bottles let’s look at some tips which can be helpful in feeding the babies through the bottle. 

The reasons might be different for different babies, so you can check out any of the tips which might work for your baby or combination of all.

Introduce the bottle early to the baby

It may sound strange but yes this could be effective as the baby will get accustomed to bottle feeding during his early days if it is introduced after 2 months of his birth. 

It need not be definitely formula milk, you can pump out the breast milk and put it into the bottle and have your baby have it.

Feed them in a tranquil environment, let them snuggle

This tip is about where to bottle feed them. Always try to feed the baby in a calm environment where the mind of the baby is not distracted. Choose a place in your home where there is less hustle at the time of feeding.

Generally, women breastfeed their kids at places where there is no commotion, right? In a gist, for the sake of your baby make the experience of bottle feeding similar to breastfeeding. 

Baby Is Refusing Bottle
Baby Is Refusing Bottle

Ask someone you trust to bottle feed your kid

Give someone else like his dad or another person (maybe caretaker) to feed the baby with the bottle. This is because if you try to bottle feed your kid, then they will smell your presence and would keep on declining baby bottles as they prefer breast milk over everything else.

Know if your baby is starving

Try to understand when the baby is hungry and try to feed him with the bottle at that time. As hunger may urge them to accept and would reduce their declining baby bottle habit.

The baby generally makes signs such as nudging against your breasts, sucking her lip, hand, opening her mouth if he is hungry. Also, the common way of expressing hunger by any kid is by crying which is typically low pitched with variations.

Get the perfect baby bottle

You need to use the right bottle. A natural breast shape feeding bottle may be of great help as it will help the baby to think that it is their mother’s breast. 

Pay attention to the features of the bottle

Use the bottle that has the correct nipple size as the one that your baby is habituated of sucking or is comfortable with. The size of the nipple should be selected according to the baby’s age. The babies might like the nipples which are made of laxatives rather than those made of silicon.

Check the flow

The flow of the bottle should be checked. Some babies like it with a slow flow but some might like a faster flow. Hence know your kid.

Look for the best position

Bottle feed the babies in a position they are comfortable with. All babies have their way in which they like to be fed. Try to understand the cues of the baby when offering the bottle.


Have patience! Keep trying to feed the baby even if they are continuously declining baby bottles. Instead of disheartening yourself, keep trying various ways to feed your baby.

Baby Is Refusing Bottle
Baby Is Refusing Bottle

Why Is Baby refusing the bottle from Dad

Well, most of the daddies might feel that their babies are declining baby bottles from them. In that case, it might be helpful if the Dad gives the baby skin to skin touch so that the baby can feel the warmth of their dad and start accepting the bottle from them happily.

Baby Just Started To Refuse The Bottle

The baby might have been taking bottled milk without any problems, but they might have recently started avoiding the bottle. This might make you tense as parents but surely should not make you restless and dishearten. Look for the possible reasons such as

  • Whether the little one is toothing? This might cause discomfort for the baby to drink with the bottle.
  • Maybe the little one is not liking the flow  the bottle
  • Maybe the nipple size is not suitable for him.
  • Maybe the temperature of the bottle is not liked by him.
  • The baby might be sick
Baby Is Refusing Bottle
Baby Is Refusing Bottle

How to bottle feed the baby

Ensuring that the best is in the bottle, it should also be looked into how breastfeeding is done to the baby. 

  • It should be made sure that the bottle is sterilized before putting the formula milk or breast milk inside the bottle.
  • The bottle should be put in a bowl of hot water or a bottle warmer can be used. Never warm up the bottle in a microwave.
  • The temperature of the milk should be checked. In order to do so, you can swirl the milk and then take a drop on your inner wrist. Or you can simply swallow some to get the idea of the temperature.
  • Always ensure that the baby’s head is straight and the baby is held upright or figure out the position in which your baby is loving to be bottle fed. Paying heed to the position is a must since certain positions can make it difficult for them to swallow.
  • Tilting the bottle a bit so that the milk fills the nipple completely shall also be practiced.
  • Choose the correct formula milk according to the taste, age of the baby.

Lastly, it is to be mentioned here that it is not uncommon for a baby declining baby bottles. Sometimes their body might go through certain phases in which they might tend to avoid taking bottled milk. 

As parents, you are developing a strong bond with your child  and  so you must try to understand the cues of the baby as it will help you lessen your worries and choose the appropriate way if your babies refuse the bottle.

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