Autumn And Winter Fashion Trends You Need To Know About

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winter fashion
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Winter is approaching and it is bringing trendy and bold fashion with it. As November starts, we start thinking about the multiple layers of clothes that we will be covered in during winters. But, there is no reason why you can’t stay warm and look stylish at the same time. Check out some of the fashion trends that will set the tone this fall and winter.


Leather jackets can not be cool! Not only does it keep you warm but, it does so in style. Depending on the weather, you can wear a short and cute jacket. If it’s cold out, then an oversized comfortable jacket will do the trick. Other items like leather pants can also complete the perfect look. Big brands like Gucci, Fendi, and Off-White have leather in all colors that could be perfect for this winter.

Supersized bags

Last season was dominated by mini-bags that could barely fit your mobile in it. It even received backlash from designers and fashion fans alike for being impractical. Well, that won’t be a problem this time as this season is all about supersized bags! Finally, a purse that can fit all the things we actually carry with us.   

Gothic Florals

Floral patterns are something that can be worn all around the year. But, this winter, they are here with a gothic hint and we love it! These patterns have made their appearance on runways for Marc Jacobs, Prada, Erdem, and many more.  A mid-length dress with dark floral and knee-high boots will be the perfect look for evening parties.

winter fashion


Pink is so 2018! Purple is the color of 2019, especially for fall and winter. Tom Ford and Rodarte have confirmed with their collection that orchid is ‘in’ this season. You could rock the head-to-toe look as seen at Balenciaga. If you want something sober then you could work in a lavender-color accessory with your outfit.


Capes were perhaps the strongest silhouettes to make an impression this fall. From Mark Jacob’s cape in leopard to Chanel, there are many variations that you can choose from. 

Puff shoulders

Puff shoulders made a big comeback this year. While they were seen in sweetheart-neckline dresses and milkmaid-style cotton blouses, the winter look has a fun contrast, thanks to the sharp and fresh tailoring. 

Major fashion names like McQueen and Givenchy have given their nod of approval to this trend and used it in their collections as well. 

People usually layer up as the temperature drops but, why not make a style statement while staying warm? The trick is to find something that will work in fall and winter as well so you don’t have to spend twice as much.

This fall and winter will see many old trends make a comeback. Be it puffy shoulders or the floral patterns, they are here to stay! If you have some cash and want to upgrade your wardrobe, the above-mentioned suggestions will help you pick out something that you love. 

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