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8 Heatless Hairstyle Tricks That You Got To Try

While heat can make your hair look absolutely picture perfect, it can also harm your hair the most. Regular use of heat can break...
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6 Easy Ways To Clean Your Converses Better

Just diamonds? Nah, I believe that converses can be a girl’s best friend too, don’t you? After all, they have been with you through...
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One-Stop Solution For All 5 Types Of Headaches

Have you been stressing out lately about work, love or family? Or have you been involved in some really irresponsible drinking last night? Whatever...
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Being 30! Amazing Facts About It

The Perks Of Being 30! 30 is a beautiful age, where you’re neither too young nor too old. You are just at a pretty...
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6 DIY To Detox Your Skin

A rough day, week or year. Everything has one cure: self-care.  In the world today where everyone is hustling, working, going places to fulfill...
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Breast Sagging: 5 Best Remedies For It

Breast Sagging!!! As you grow up, your breasts grow with you. Your breasts have to deal with gravity, pregnancy, breastfeeding and other things as...
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Reasons For Increased Sex Drive During Your Period

It’s that time of the month again. You’re getting your period cramps, painkillers ready, ice-creams, chocolates and a huge surge of all kinds of...
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What To Expect When You Get Your Eyebrows Done

A woman should be who she wants and what she wants. And so it goes when it comes to your eyebrows, whether you wish...
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Baking Soda: The Queen Of Compound You’ve Been Oblivious To

Turmeric, honey, gram flour, rose water? You might have come across various home remedies used in for beauty hacks like the above mentioned and...
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Want To Go Low-Carb? Here Are Some Alternatives To Bread

Pretty much everyone eats bread, and almost everyone loves it. It’s versatile, easy, and makes everything taste better. However, it’s not particularly great if...
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Curly Hair: 8 Amazing Tips To Make Hair-Care Easier

Having curly hair is amazing, but high-maintenance. Gone are the days when everyone went around compulsively straightening their hair, because now we’ve accepted that...
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6 Mind-Numbing Facts You Need To Know About Root Beer

What Root Beer Actually Is?? Root beer is an age-old North American drink which is also very popular worldwide. It was initially made from...
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