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It’s Perfectly All-right If Wives Earn More Than Their Husbands

The modernized society with changing mindsets of people has made it easier for women to step out of their homes and earn for themselves...
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Parents Feel Shy In Saying The Word ‘Vagina’

Today in the 21st century as well, when the popularity of the internet is increasing rapidly and every kind of information is available on...
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Ways to Balance Your Hormones Naturally

Hormones are chemical messengers that are secreted by endocrine glands directly into the blood, which carries them to organs and tissues of the body...
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Policies And Schemes of Govt. Of India To Increase Literacy Among Females

A well-educated population is the most important for social, economic and political development. Women constitute half of a country’s population but there is a...
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Laws Related to Women Rights In India

Navaratri, a nine-day Hindu festival is a celebration of women’s power. Nine avatars of goddess Durga are worshipped in nine days of Navratri. Vijayadashami...
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Gender Bias And Female Health In India

Female health India stood at a low 108 out of 149 countries in the World Economic Forum (WEF) gender gap index report of 2018,...
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The New Mother- Postpartum Care

Motherhood is absolutely beautiful. The joy a woman experiences the moment she holds her child for the first time in her arms is inexplicable....
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Skin Care Tips For Women In Their 20s

To cleanse our skin thoroughly is the first and foremost step of skin care treatment even before the 20s. By the time we reach...
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Are You Friends With Your Daughter? Or Are You Friends With Your Mum?

These are the questions that one may be asked frequently. It takes us to a beautiful yet complicated relationship between a mother and her...
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Don’t Forget To Love Yourself: Importance Of Self Love

Love is the best feeling in the world but it is tricky too. Sometimes you’re like ‘udta hi phirun…‘ And sometimes it’s like ‘...
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Dress To Impress

You love wearing your PJs, comfy t-shirts and flip-flops. Well, who doesn’t? But there are several occasions when u want to dress up in...
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Why Is Financial Independence Important for Women?

Why is financial independence for women important? We all know women have been victims of the patriarchal setup of society for centuries. Though we...
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